Fan: Sunset Envouring Status: Ongoing Author: PyroHearts777 Credit for Pictures: Contributors of the Digimon Wikia. In particular, Hadomaru for MagnaBeezlemon!


In-Training Rookie Champion Ultimate Mega NEXT
Yaamon t Impmon b Wizardmon b 100px Magnabeelzemon
Xiaomon b Labramon b Seasarmon b Cerberumon b AncientSphinxmon vg
Tsunomon b Gabumon b Garurumon b WereGarurumon t MetalGarurumon b Omnimon b
Koromon b Agumon b Greymon b MetalGreymon (Vaccine) b WarGreymon t Omnimon b
Dorimon b Dorumon b DexDorugamon b 100px 100px Alphamon b

Prologue: Infinite Destiny

(In progress)

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