About 8 years after the defeat of Bagramon a group of 3, 8-12 year old kids Ian Kudou, Maria Kudou and CeCe Amano. Ian is the general of Blue Xros Heart army who is fighting Dark Knight Army the rival is Solar Flare. The group is trying to find the Code Crowns and save the Digital World later a new kid joins Blue Xros Heart along with 3 kids on Solar Flare, and soon a truth will be learned about Blue Xros Heart's Patamon and Gatomon and Ian's small partner Digimon Flamemon, and later the Lilith Army and the 4 armies race to collect all the Code Crowns and it's up to Blue Xros Heart to collect all the Code Crowns and save both worlds! The show has been revealed to be renewed for a 2nd season called, Super Digimon Xros Wars: Vs the Digital Knights


Blue Xros Heart

Solar Flare

Dark Knight Army

Lilith Army


1.A New Xros Heart is born

2.Flamemon Knight fight back

3.Ruin Zone army Clash

4.Aqua Zone melee

5.DigiMemory Upload

6.Aqua Zone Melee Brawl

7.Heat Zone boil

8.Vs.Fierce General Tactimon

9.Dorulumon rise for fight

10.Castle Zone, Dorulumon's truth reveled

11.Code Crown race, Knight vs Knight

12.Pyramid Zone Melee rush

13.Tag Team Ian and Gatomon

14.True Power of the Pyramid Zone

15.Angel Zone the Sparrow Knight arrives

16.From Angel to Devil

17.Shadow Lord vs Sparrow Knight

18.Bug Zone the zone of love

19.Deckerdramon fell the love

20.Crash Land Metal Zone

21.Flamemon X4 strike now!

22.Blast To the past

23.SuperDarkKnightmon vs Flamemon Knight

24.Revive ancient Angel Digimon

25.The angel knight flies, enter Flamemon X5

26.Knowledge Zone truth be known

27.Digital Power X5 fights

28.Return home battle for the Digital World

29.Search for the 4th kid

30.Rise for 4. Hurry to the fight X5

31.SuperDarkKnightmon vs Flamemon X5 battle for our world

32.Return to the Digital World stronger then ever

33.X2 who are you?

34.Army Clash ready for brawl, Blue Xros Heart vs Solar Flare vs Dark Knight Army

35.New army arrives enter Lilith Army

36.Flamemon and Shoutmon get ready for battle, Brawl Time

37.Flamemon Truth be told about you

38.Code Crowns left 4

39.Race for the final Crown of the Digital World

40.SuperDarkKnightmon Ruin Mode how do we beat him?

41.Activate Burst mode

42.Goodbye Blue Xros Heart

Movie. Enter Flamemon X5 Burst Mode

Movie 2. Final Battle Blue Xros Heart makes a comeback


  • Fans have asked what happened to Zenjirou and Kiriha the creator revealed that Zenjurou died of cancer 6 years before the show and Kiriha left Ryo after he became 8 but what happened to him next is not known.
  • Through the whole show at points an instrumental version of Kingdom Hearts || song "Sanctuary" is heard.

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