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Suzaku Tamake is one of the main protagonist of the fan series Digimon Adventure: Recon Tactical Squadron.


Suzaku is depicted as a happy-go-lucky guy, who doesn't get upset easily, and tend to look at the bright side of things. He likes to make friends with everybody, except for the villains. He is a bit of a womanizer, he likes to ask a pretty girl out, but they always say "no", he tried this with Sora, Mimi, Karen, Neko, Yuki, and persistently even Miko. He's a bit of an otaku. These traits of this, constantly annoys everyone around him. But inside, he is a scared little boy, who failed to protect his little sister from being dragged to the Digital World. He's a great cook, and have up to 80-90% in grades in school. He is a third year in Odaiba High School.


He has light brown hair, which are usually messy and combed at the same time. He has green eyes. He wears a DARTS uniform that is a green jumpsuit with a blue DARTS jacket. His casual wear is a green and black T-shirt, and blue jeans. He wears a school blazer, with a white shirt, and school regulated pants like Kira when he goes to school. After DARTS was dissolved, he wears a green jacket, a black shirt with the number "10" on it, and blue jeans.


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