(ワリアバーネモンフレイモン WarriorBurnemon)
Level Champion
Type Warrior Flame Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Flamemon
Next forms GallantFlamemon
Partners Ian Kudou

SwordFlamemon is Flamemon's Champion form. While as a Rookie his main from of fighting was his claws, he gets some training when he's Flamemon Knight. But nothing can prepare Flamemon for his Champion form.

He wields the Fire Cannon with his left claw and his Flare Sword in his other claw. The cannon also acts as a shield, so he has no need for one. The spike on his head turns into a fire, allowing him to get more fire power.

When his training is completed he becomes the next Digivolution, GallantFlamemon!


  • Burning Sword: The Flare Sword turns into a blaze, and he strikes the enemy.
  • Burning Cannon: The Fire Cannon unleashes a fury of fire bullets. Then a flamethrower.
  • Burning Tornado: The Flare Sword and Fire Cannon's power combine into a tornado.