Title System Defender
Level Ultra
Type God Man
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar

Nature Spirits Nightmare Soldiers Virus Busters

Prior forms Fan:Solunamon + Fan:Tenebrightmon
Next forms Fan:Jovahmon (with Fan:Alphadestromon or Shakamon's data)

Systemon contains within it's digicore the power to create or destroy entire solar systems. It is said to be a God of the digital world that governs the heavenly bodies that surround it. This digimon wears holy rings around the wrists of all its arms and around it's waist. It is know as the System Defender as its sole duty is to defend the system and reset it if it is destroyed.

Attacks: System Crash: creates a miniature solar system above it's head and flings it at the opponent

Heavenly Barrage: shoots a barrage of miniature heavenly bodies at the opponent

System Erase: creates two or more miniature solar systems and collides them in front of the enemy to create a miniature supernova