TJ Jones
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Family: Max Rhodes

TJ also known as Tyler Jones is a main character in the story Digimon Academy and the adoptive cousin of Max Rhodes. He met Cyberdramon in the Human World. When a feral digimon escaped and attack his neighborhood. He stood his ground, and Monodramon saved him. Next thing he knew he had a digivice. Eventually Monodramon became Strikedramon and then Cyberdramon. They went to Digimon Academy where they became roommates with Kozan and Devimon. Cyberdramon's natural instinct was to attack Devimon which made the group hate each other temporarily. However in one epic fight they both dedigivolved to their In-Training forms which calmed them down. They all be came best friends.

Appearance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TJ has spiky, blond hair and violet eyes. He wears a white short sleeves shirt, a blue short sleeves hoodie sweater, black jeans, black wristbands, a belt that hold his brown card holder and a pair of sneakers. He is athletic build with little bit of muscle showing.

Personality ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

TJ is a cool, calm, and level-headed teen. Who is always there for his friends. He is the voice of reasons in the group.

Digimon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cyberdramon t

Cyberdramon is TJ's partner digimon. He is the opposite of his partner but like TJ he is always there for his friends.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Forms

Ketomon vg


Ketomon- Cyberdramon became this form after losing to Axle and Shoutmon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hopmon t


Hopmon- Though not yet shown, it is confirmed to be Cyberdramon's In-Training, and it has been mentioned that Cyberdramon has been this form before.


Monodramon t


Monodramon- Though not shown yet in the series, it is conformed that this is Cyberdramon's rookie form. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Strikedramon b Strikedramon- Though not yet shown in the series, it is confirmed to be his champion form. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Justimon t


Justimon- Though not yet shown in the series, it is confirmed this is his mega form. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Digivice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Blue D-Raider.

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