Taigeru Rakowski
(Rakowski Taigeru)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Yu Kobayashi
Digivice(s):Red X Loader with gold buttons
Age 15
Grade 12
Gender Male
Known relatives Mr. Rakowski (father)
Mrs. Rakowski (mother)
Chira Rakowski (sister)
Tashiru Rakowski (brother)
Nationality Half-Japanese
Occupation Student


Taigeru is a young boy with orange eyes and spiky brown hair with a blue tuft. He wears a gold-trimmed red long sleeved overcoat with a symbol that a mix of a star and a reptile footprint. He wears this over a blue T-shirt with yellow sun on the chest. He wears blue pants with red pinstriped patches on his hips that are outlined in black, and blue trainers. Taigeru is the series's Goggle Boy, and wears grey goggles with blue lenses.


Taigeru is a bold– maybe too bold – risk taker and thrill seeker. Taigeru is an impulsive and optimistic, and always does things without thinking, but despite his rash behavior, he is willing to risk anything to protect his friends. He cares a lot about his friends Gira, Kayton, Milo, and Mira as well as Korodramon. It's hinted that Taigeru has a crush on Gira.