This is the very first episode of Digimon X and Y.



Takeru is late for school. He's running through the streets of Tokyo in a giant rush. He soon runs into his good friend Kari Hoshi, who walks the rest of the way with him. The two of them go into class to see that Takeru`s sister, Mika, was aleady working and wasn't late like a "good student". Their regular teacher, Mr. Omori, was away and they had a supply teacher. Soon, the recess bell rings.

Daisuke "Suke" Otori, Takeru's best friend, ran over to meet them.They talk about how Takeru acts too much like Davis Motomiya, his hero. Takeru is offended and explains to them that one day he would lead his own group of DigiDestined. As soon as that word comes out of Takeru's mouth, the ground shakes and bursts open. Six others come towards them. A giant wolf-like creature comes out. The wolf stares at them and lunges. They are soon to be dead.

They find themselves alive and unharmed. In front of them was a flaming lion. The lion looks at Takeru. "You okay?" the lion says. Takeru and the others nod. Ken, another friend of theirs, asks the lion what he is. "I`m Flamarimon, Takeru's Partner Digimon at the Champion Level." Takeru looks at his friend and mocks them for saying he would never get a Digimon. Takeru defeats the wolf. Flamarimon degenerates into Magmamon, a Veemon-like Digimon. He asks if the kids would all like to come to the Digital World, where the others partners await. They agree and leave.


'I'm Flamarimon, Takeru's Partner Digimon at the Champion Level' -Flamarimon, Champion Digimon

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