Title The Keeper of Dreams
Level Mega
Type Golden Guardian
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Nightmare Soldiers
Shiramu Inc.
Prior forms GrapLeomon
Next forms PatronLeomon

TantibusLeomon was designed by Grandis as tribute to Tenebrae Hue of Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol, due to the fact ShiftyLook, the manager of the comic, is shutting down before the comic can come to a proper conclusion. Meta-universe information on how it came to be aside, on with the in-universe information.

Digimon Classic

TantibusLeomon is the founder of the Golden Guardians, from which Eaglemon's most loyal soldiers serve the side of evil. Out of the entire group, all of them are Mega Level by default, but "Tenebrae", as TantibusLeomon prefers to be called, allowed for MagnaAngemon to remain as his Ultimate form due to the latter's personal issues with his Mega Form lacking real weaponry. In return, Tenebrae granted MagnaAngemon the same power level of a Mega Level, but warned if he Digivolved to Mega at any time, the power may cause serious injury to him. Despite this issue with the agreement, Tenebrae is apparently the only being MagnaAngemon respects on the same level of Eaglemon.

Tenebrae, though, doesn't seem to mind the presence of Cannondramon as much as the others do, as everyone else sees him as a burden due to his former loyalties. Tenebrae, however, treats him much more kindly, so much so that Tenebrae's presence in the same room will immediately shut the other Golden Guardians up, and even then, Duftmon has apparently been given orders by Tenebrae to brutally beat up anybody who insults Cannondramon, stating that while Cannondramon may be the black sheep of the Golden Guardians, Duftmon treats all Digimon equally regarding of previously loyalties, since he does not follow the same codes as the others do. Due to Tenebrae's in the background behavior, nobody questions this behavior of Duftmon lest they be punished.

Who exactly Tenebrae is remains a mystery, but due to his heritage as a Digimon created by Grandis (His chest plate being the dead giveaway that he was), that Tenebrae is much older than both Eaglemon and Solomon, similar to how all the other Digimon designed by Shiramu-Kuromu (Grandis) all are older than the Digimon Classic Universe by technical default, even if their designs were made after the debut of Digimon Classic.