Tarsaru Kamiryu
(Kamiryu Tarsaru)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Reiko Kiuchi
(En:) James Arnold Taylor (episode 1)
Jason Griffith
Digivice(s):Red X Loader
Fire-red X Loader
Age 15
Grade 12th
Gender Male
Known relatives Mr. Kamiryu (Father)
Mrs. Kamiryu (Mother)
Garrett Kamiryu (Older Brother-Deceased)
Ellie Kamiryu (Older Sister)
Penny Kamiryu (Aunt)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student


Tarsaru is a young boy with blue eyes and spiky brown hair. He wears a white shirt under another blue shirt with a white oval with orange borders and a yellow star in the chest and yellow line on the left arm. He also wears gray pants and belt, a red jacket, red and white goggles, blue and white shoes, and wears a watch on his left wrist.

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