Tauro Minzunaki

aka. Joker Zero
(Minzunaki Tauro)

Tauro Minzunaki

Joker Zero

Appears in:Fan:Digimon Phantom Night
First appearance ""
Last appearance ""
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Akemi Kanada
(En:) Yuri Lowenthall
Partner(s):Fan:Kaimon (Phantom Nights)
Digivice(s):Navy Blue Phantom Screen
Age 14
Grade 6th
Gender Male
Known relatives Mother (deceased)
Father (unknown)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Leader of the Digital Phantom Thieves

Tauro Minzunaki is the main protagonist of the fan story, Digimon Phantom Night, as well as the leader of the Digital Phantom Thieves under the guise, Joker Zero.


He characterized as energetic and ready for action and playful at heart. He wants to be known as the best phantom thief in the world. When he's not doing crimes, he'll usually eat, play games or hang out with his other teammates. His wish is to locate his long lost father after he was separated by him in a accident when he was young. He also has a great sense of justice and will try to cheer up those who feel down.


Tauro had a good life with his family but had always felt a sense of isolation in his home. When LordAkumon had invaded the human world, he lost his mother in an accident caused by the evil army and his father had gone missing after being revealed to be in league with Athenamon. With that, he decided he would fight for the freedom of his world and to find his father. That resolution allowed him to befriend his partner, Kaimon.


What he lacks in strength, he makes up with his agility and critical mind. He is a master prankster and is quick in a bind. He fights with a cane doubling as a staff.


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