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Teedramon is a small dragon Digimon who is very friendly to comrades and highly aggressive to enemies.

General information

He has a hammer shaped diamond on the end of his tail and two large spikes on his back he loves eating human food

Attacks and other information

  • T charger: he uses all of his power to create an aura and charges at the opponent
  • mega flame ball: he summons a large flame ball and throws it at the enemy
  • diamond tail: he uses the diamond on his tail to smash opponents
  • T blaster: he blasts the opponent wit a tremendous amount if wind energy
  • crystal blaster: he blasts crystal energy at the opponent

Teedramon is a distant friend of Veemon


Omega Teedramon is the evolved form of Teedramon he is a dragon Digimon and a good flyer general information

he is twice as large and much stronger he also has large wings so he can fly very fast


  • omega T charge: he uses an aura to charge at the enemy
  • omega T blaster: he fires a large blast of energy at the enemy
  • T twister: he spins so fast that he creates a tornado of energy then charges at the opponent

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