Gryphonmon vg
Level Champion
Attribute Virus
Family Wind Guardians
Prior forms Demitempestmon
Next forms Irimon

Tempestmon is a Beast Man digimon. It resembles a large golden eagle with feathers as strong as Chrome Digizoid. With this attribute it is next to impossible to damage and is immune to most fire attacks. It also has strange symbols on its body which are rumored to give it a connection to the spirit world. It is capable of achieving speeds that rival even that of the fastest mega levels, even though it is only a champion level. It is known for being passive and avoiding combat, but if attacked, it is rumored to be an extremely capable fighter, even against higher levels. It also has the ability to control the air around it, which it uses to its advantage.


  • Tempest Meteor: Surrounds itself with superheated air and uses this as a shield while it tackles the enemy at speeds of 150mph.
  • Pyro Tempest: Creates a fireball in its mouth and uses the air to create an extremely powerful flamethrower.
  • Lightning Tempest: Uses its horn as an antenna to collect large amounts of electricity which it then combines with a mini-tornado to create a shocking attack that has the ability to stun any enemy