(テンキツモン TenKitsumon)
TenKitsumon f
Level Mega
Type Angel Lord
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms ShinKitsumon (with Luximon)
Next forms Infinimon

TenKitsumon is a Mega-Level Angel Lord Digimon, who is also classified as Exceed-class. He is the ultimate being of light with no equal on Heaven or Earth. His light shines so brightly that his mere presence spells doom for those weak of body and soul. But he is also a feared apparition, because his light is said to shine so brightly that it blinds him and fells him down to cruelty in the name of his blinded justice. His name comes from ten (天, heaven) and kitsune (狐, fox).


  • Soul Ender (脆い現実, Moroi Genjitsu, Brittle Reality): An attack that crushes the souls of those who witness it.
  • Genesis Shining (ゲネシス•シャイニング, Geneshisu Shainingu): Fires a bristling-white blaze of unlimited energy from his hands.
  • Shining Spear (四魂の槍, Shikon no Yari, Spear of the Four Souls): Attacks with his spear.
  • All-White (オール•ホワイト, Ōru Howaito): Shines his light to all directions, obliterating those who possess even the slightest evil in their souls.
  • World Sundering (宇宙散乱, Uchū Sanran, Cosmos Scattering): A dual-phase process of forcing the bonds of the cosmos to shatter with intense power, and then pulling them back together in a shape wished by the user.


TenKitsumon appears as one of the Lords of the Six Paths in Digimon Soul Star Sagas Part II: Falling Stars. He is the Lord of Deva Path (天道の大王, Tendō no Daiō), and is the most powerful of the Lords. He holds the belief that he is the rightful God of all creation and aims to purge all living things of their feelings and free will. The Realm he rules is a huge universe filled with miracles nobody is there to see, as there are no living things in his Realm other than himself.

Tenkitsumon is also referred to, even though he doesn't appear, in Digimon Soul Star Sagas Part III: Final Chapter - Black Sun Rising.