Title Ultimate Justice
Level Ultra
Type God Man
Attribute Data
Family Virus Busters

Nightmare Soldiers

Prior forms Plutomon + Jupitermon
Next forms Fan:Systemon(with Fan:Solunamon)
Tenebrightmon is the ultimate fusion of light and dark. It stands atop the Olympos VII as their true leader and punishes any in his way without any mercy. It has the power and honor of Jupitermon and the ferocity of Plutomon. It follows its own sense of justice and eliminates any and all it deems evil. On its arms are the Umbra Hammers, which hold the power of light and darkness. One swing of these hammers is enough to destroy any enemy in its way.


Omega Burst : Fires balls of light and darkness simultaneously which fuse and then detonate in the face of the enemy.

Justice Hammer : Attacks with its Umbra Hammers

Righteous Flash : Gathers energy from all around and creates an enormous explosion centered on itself.

Damning Shadow : Sends its shadow out from its body to attack its foe