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Terriermon is a fun loving digimon, who's personality is well expressed. He is always hyper and joking, but when it comes to protecting his loved ones he does what he is told. Terriermon is a rabbit like digimon, though due to it's name appears to be a terrier.

Terriermon is small, white and has several green markings on its body. It has large beady black eyes ad tny sharp claws on each end of its paws. Terriermon's ears can puff up to a several size making it able to glide whilst in air.

== Terriermon : Digimon Armour Warrior ==

Terriermon belongs to a tamer named Mitchy Kamiya. The two have a special bond that no digimon or tammer can replace.

Terriermon has the ability to digivolve like most Digimon. Armour digivolve into many forms and digixross with servral Digimon partners

Terriermon is the leader of team Armour heart, and is the body of mostly all the digixrosses. The first time Terriermon ever digixrossed was in chapter 11 -Omega Rapidmon- and digixrossed with Omnimon to form OmegaRapidmon.

Terriermon's Armour forms are :

Pyromon- ( will edit later)

Speedramon- (will edit later )

Golden Rapidmon- ( will edit later )

( the rest will be done later )

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