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The Ultimate Intersect

The Crossverse is the intersection between all universes within the multiverse. The Crossverse can be used to enter other completly unknown universes and only comes into existence whenever Dragos Omnimon arises. Using this intersection is dangerous though, considering it is infinitly big and infinitly small, attempting to fly to the edge of this universe is immposible. Attempting to open a gateway is also difficult because if you enter to destroy Dragos Omnimon and suceed then the Crossverse will slowly dissappear giving you only six weeks to exit the universe.


The Crossverse could allow universes such as the Adventure universe and the Xros Wars universe to meet each other though they couldn't before.


The Crossverse only exists when Dragos Omnimon is alive so which would you rather have a doombringer and the Crossverse or no doombringer and no Crossverse?

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