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The Decision Battle
(Shisen, Dekusu Dorugamon tai Kurai Gureidomon)
"The Death Battle, Death-X-DORUgamon vs. Dark Grademon"
Written by Zekons

While Daiki and the others almost head their way to Forest Depths and find the X-Antibody: Type Super Ultimate, Dorumon felt guilty about his problem but Daiki encourages him to fight back then Dorumon agreed. Meanwhile, Grademon Dark shows up and ready to challenge to the duel. Can Dorumon digivolves into DexDorugamon tries to defeat Grademon Dark, but it was doesn't look good.

Key Events

  • DexDorugamon battles against Grademon Dark, but lost and stoles his Dex-Digivolution.


Featured characters

Digimon Analyser


Other notes

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