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The Digidestined Of Tomorrow

After many, many battles, Miyu finally got to the top four spot. Along with Toru, Rika, and the current champion, Sye.

Miyu- There's only the semi-finalls left. If I don't win this.....

Rika- Don't worry, we'll let you win, but we'll act as if it's a normal battle.

Toru- Yeah Man!! Don't Worry!! We Won't Let Omnimon Down!!

They all smile and Miyu knows he has to beat Sye and his Terriermon. As the giant screen for the semi-finals appears, it shows that Rika will fight Sye and Miyu will fight Toru.

Toru- Never Give Up...

Miyu- Never Surrender.

Miyu and Toru give each other a look that tells one another that they'll fight like no other, but Miyu MUST win.

Battle Activate

--Battle Dome Reconfigure-- Digivolution Data:

  • Veemon - Rookie
  • - Rookie

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