"Flamedramon! You'd better join the Bagra Army or face the wrath of AncientVolcamon!" roared AncientVolcamon. "Some dreams you have, AncientVolcamon!" laughed Flamedramon. Flamedramon used his Fire Rocket at AncientVolcamon. Suddenly a portal opened and the Chosen Heroes and Colin came out. "Quick, you guys musst get outta here before the place is destroyed!" cried Flamedramon. Jerry, Shoutmon and Flamedramon ran faster away from AncientVolcamon. "DigiXros!" shouted Oscar. "Ballistamon! Gotsumon!" GotsuBallistamon blasted tons of heavy rocks at AncientVolcamon. "Hey, er... what's your name?" asked Jerry. "Flamedramon. The Bagra Army want to recruit me because I am extremeley powerful! Jerry! DigiXros me!" The Armour-Levelled Digimon shouted. "DigiXros! Flamedramon! Starmons and Pickmons! DigiXros!" shouted Jerry. Flamedramon picked up the star sword and dashed towards AncientVolcamon. AncientVolcamon summoned a few dozen DemiMeramon, Candlemon and Meramon, and absorbed them. MeraAncientVolcamon shot tons of fire at Jerry. Jerry dodged the fire. He waas at the edge of a cliff. There was lava at the bottom. AncientVolcamon blasted at Jerry.....

Jerry was falling. Oh well. He'd prefer to be dead anyway. He was bullied, and he never knew his father or where he was. Suddenly a girl riding a Sparrowmon rescued Jerry. It was Elisa Peel, the new girl in town! When they got to the top, Flamedramon was on the brink of death. Jerry jumped off Sparrowmon. "DigiXros!" he shouted. two beams from Jerry's X Loader touched Alice's and Elisa's. "Dorulumon! Sparrowmon!" Dorulumon gained Sparrowmon's wings and the top of her head and eyes. SparrowDorulumon along with Flamedramon + Star Sword pinned down MeraAncientVolcamon and severeley injured him. "Jerry! Let me finish him off!" shouted Shoutmon. Suddenly, Another young boy and his BlackAgumon appeared. "Colin! We need more virus data!" shouted the boy. "Kenny! Digivolve BlackAgumon and load AncientVolcamon's data!" shouted Colin. Shoutmon and Blackgreymon both attacked AncientVolcamon. "NOOOOO!!!! I WAS 95 PERCENT COMPLETE FOR RULING THIS AREA! SOMEDAY I'LL GET YOU FLAMEDRAMON IN ANOTHER LIFE!" screamed AncientVolcamon as he was reduced to data. Kenny absorbed the data into his X Loader. "C'mon Colin! Let's save the Digital World!" he exclaimed. The two virus tamers jumped through the portal. "Jerry, Is it ok if I join your X Loader?" asked Flamedramon. "It would be a pleasure!" cried Jerry. The four friends went through the portal. who knows where they will end up next? Next episode NOTE: I AM WORKING ON EPISODE 4. IT WILL BE RELEASED NEXT WEEKEND

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