Marty W. Mollohan

The Grand One BC


Martin (DC)

Voice actor(s):Shiramu-Kuromu
Partner(s):Old Gaia (B/C and Digimon: Bursting Cries)
Mighty (Overall Default)
Dragora (Secondary Default)
Acacius (Digimon Classic)
Digivice(s):Monochrome color except for the screen, modified to transform into a giant sword. Weighs 1,000 tons when someone else tries to hold it, but weighs only less than 1 pound when held by The Grand One. Can also be used to transform into the many partner Digimon he has access to when outside of his universe.
Age 42 (Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions)
22 (Actual real life age of Shiramu-Kuromu)
16 (Real life in B/C's epilogue)
20 (Digimon Classic)
Gender Male
Nationality Ohio, United States

The Grand One (Nowdays called Grandis) is currently the only human that remains on Earth at all in B/C, and is legendary for having created the almighty Gaiamon. The signature armor he wears is a homage to the Pokemon Aggron, with the same coloration being used for Gaiamon's main body. His dialogue is always in English regardless of the region the game is from. The armor is designed to be both extremely heavy and appear very tall, with how he's even able to move around in the armor being a mystery. He is also not even very muscular at all as the armor would suggest, but merely also how the armor is designed to look as it also enhances his strength. His age is also not his real age either, as it is merely another reference to other media instead. His digivice's exterior design is made out of the same material as the armor is, making it very heavy to the point nobody else can even hold it at all. His height while in the armor is about 10 feet tall. His appearance without his armor is rarely seen, but one thing is for sure, his age in reality is different from his age in B/C, and is only around 5'8" feet tall compared to the imposing 11'04" feet tall the Grandis Armor is. Some say it is directly Shiramu-Kuromu himself in the armor, but some are uncertain as to this even if all of his behavior suggests that he is. Perhaps The Grand One is nothing but an in-universe avatar of him in first place, so the only times where it is actually him is whenever he speaks. Most of the time, he can manipulate things through the use of Dragoramon, but sometimes goes a little too far in these actions. When wearing his Grandis Armor, he weighs around 200,000 tons, but his actual weight is around 200 pounds. Amazing things are said to occur when his inspiration kicks in, such as Galacticmon digivolving to Gaiamon for instance. His inspiration has lead to the creation and redesign of countless Digimon species; Each species to exist in the B/C Universe always have their final designs done by him. Sometimes, there exist times where a Digimon goes through major design differences over time, but some of this is due to early inexperience in these sort of things. His Crest of Inspiration had lead to the creation of the entire B/C universe, and it is also this crest that determines the future fates of certain characters. While in his own universe he has the same reality bending abilities as Dragoramon, even when unarmored, he cannot use any of these abilities in other universes, hence the reason he created Rainboramon in the first place, which lead to a fateful series of events that nearly destroyed all Digimon universes. His famous ability to replicate Ganondorf's Warlock Punch with such speed in his unarmed form is a mystery to some people.

The Grand One's History

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

The Grand One is found on Earth after having become Legend Tamer. When you find him he just challenges you to a battle for no apparent reason whatsoever, using all of the most powerful Digimon in the game against you. The final Digimon he uses is his true partner Digimon Gaiamon, which has all of it's stats at the new caps used in B/C; 99,999 HP and MP, along with 9,999 Attack, Defense, Spirit, Wisdom, and Speed, and at Level 999. For comparison, the Legend Tamer challenge Digimon's stats are only around 50,000 for HP and MP and 4,000 for normal stats. His intro for when he appears is also different each time you see him, usually of him doing something goofy or something.

His Grandis Armor can be unlocked as clothing if Terranadramon or Trinitimon is used against his Gaiamon. The tamer effects of the armor is a bit mixed yet highly beneficial. On one hand, the armor effectively quadruples Exp and Bits drops with the full set, but at the same time, reduces speed growth rate to 1% and also halves the speed stat of any Digimon in the party. This means when training in Gaia Snowfield, the ultimate training ground in the game in terms of Exp yields in the wild Digimon alone. Boss level Digimon are known to give 1,000,000 Species Exp in this area. In fact, The Grand One's Gaiamon gives 10,000,000 Exp, split into 1 Million exp for each species type, but remember, the exp yields are high for a good reason; Enemy Digimon will swarm you, you'll never go 2 seconds WITHOUT seeing the later stages of Ultimate and Mega stages of Mecha Rogue swarming you constantly depending on how deep in the area you are, and Gaiamon's ability and attacks are almost instant KO regardless of how high your Digimon's or Defense/Wisdom is. Not only that, but ALL of Gaiamon's attack hit all 5 zones due to how large it is. Base Power for it's attacks are ridiculous by all means, but have low accuracy, but that hardly matters when the Grandis Armor increases Gaiamon's accuracy to max, with The Grand One already having the full set of armor.

Swarming enemy Digimon only become far worse in Jade Version, as FIVE Terranadramon replaces Gaiamon as The Grand One's ace Digimon, with their traits and support abilities practically designed to function alongside other Terranadramon. Their Attack and Speed stats are near Infinite due to this, and rank as the hardest bosses in Jade Version. To make matters worse, less powerful Terranadramon start to spawn normally in Jade Version after this battle, with Gaiamon once again being used by The Grand One after the initial battle. This Gaiamon is essentially the same as the one in B/C.

Ultimate Endgame: The Rise of Dragoramon


The Grand One, prior to the events was busy sulking over past memories of his so decides out of the boredom he has and the desire for a purpose in life, begins to create the B/C universe and all the Digimon inhabiting it in his own design. The first Digimon he creates is Rainboramon, who immediately proves rebellious as he steals a DNA sample of a powerful lifeform called Terranadrosus from him and flees through several universes, causing indirect damage to the timelines each time he moves to a different one. The Grand One had anticipated he'd do this, and sends Terranadrosus to the Adventure 02 universe three days in advance, while attaching a speaker to Terranadrosus's neck to allow him to communicate through it.

Three days pass and Rainboramon arrives in the Adventure 02 timeline, and shoots down a Galacticmon that would end up becoming the same Gaiamon The Grand One uses and has sealed away for special occasions as it would eventually grow too large to keep on a planet. After Dragoramon fixes all the damage involving Terranadramon and leaves. The Grand One was pondering to himself, speaking to Kari's mind personally and asking all sorts of questions. This entire discussion with Kari shows a vastly different behavior from The Grand One's normal attitude, as well as most of his actions in The Rise of Dragoramon being in the behind the scenes talk with certain Characters. Asking if she really loves T.K., she doesn't know how to respond, and The Grand One suggests that if she really does love him she should be happy with him, since she won't find anyone else like him. In addition to this, The Grand One tells his tale of how he's been rejected before..... twice, and left mental scars on himself that lead to his loner nature and why he decided humanity was to be destroyed in his timeline, leaving him as the only human remaining on Earth, though he doesn't reveal this part to Kari. Kari actually feels sorry for him even if he does sound like he'd be a big jerk. Upon hearing those last two words, he said to Kari:

"What about Davis anyways? He probably feels the same way I do now. Alone, rejected, nobody special for him. You were like the one that was important to him at the time. With everyone separated there was not much to actually see. I mean, who else was there for him anyways? You and T.K. feel complete seeing each other more frequently, but ever since that accident that wasn't even his fault in the first place... He feels so crushed with all the blame for it seemed to go on him... But he isn't me... he's not some deity of some kind who can just create his own universe to hide all his emotions in... I feel like I've done a bunch of things that messed up my life, and I don't want him to suffer in a similar way. Please... Just talk to him for to show you're not mad at him. He's already starting to become a depressed man like myself anyways."

Kari was confused as to what he meant by the last bit. "How would you know how Davis feels anyways?" Was all she could say. The Grand One just stood up from his sitting position, showing his tall stature while in his armor as it fades away to show his unarmed self. "Because he was rejected only once. I was rejected twice and vowed never to love again since it's too late to change anything for me now. I can bring about this very universe's creation and yet I can't seem to figure relationships out. It's so stressing for me that's it's been wrecking my life for the 4 years. I've let myself age 20 years mentally by working on having part of my mind live in this universe I created as a way to test myself. It was a horrible experience beyond anything I could ever imagine. Davis has only experienced a month of what could be an eternity. Luckily for him Veemon's usually helping him out all the time, and he probably is right now. All I can really say is help him out in return, that's all I'm asking... I don't want to have to deal with two depressed souls already..." Was what he said as he woke Kari back up into reality.

Next he summoned Davis and Veemon out of reality to see them next. Davis was indeed in a depressed state as he had thought, so depressed he didn't even want to focus on the current situation of being in this odd, cold, winter covered place. The Grand One walks up to to them and takes both of them by surprise. "In case Kari doesn't cheer you up after my little talk with her." The Grand One summoned his Galacticmon to the place and Veemon was immediately digivolved into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. Trying to cheer up Davis by a battle seemed like a good idea at first, but Davis still kept acting depressed. When Imperialdramon noticed this he didn't think this was a good idea for Davis since he seemed so focused on Kari at the moment. This point is where The Grand One heads back into his usual loudmouth attitude and begins to insult Davis and mocks him with his usual insults of ignoring his comments, pushing people around literally, or outright single random gibberish just to get people's attention. Davis, snapping out of his depressed mood feeling all angry, orders Imperialdramon to attack Galacticmon.

A massive battle goes on, with Imperialdramon being the victor at first until Galacticmon digivolves to Gaiamon. The Grand Trial was beginning for Davis, and Gaiamon turns out to be an imposing force beyond all imagination. Imperialdramon digivolves into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode but it still isn't enough to budge the massive 1,000 foot tall Digimon, until Imperialdramon mode changes as if it were Dragon Mode again but retaining Paladin Mode's colors and sword. A massive shouting match occurs between The Grand One and Davis after the former saw this, and the fight ends with Imperialdramon PDM KOing Gaiamon. Even after all the shouting and stuff, both just start laughing at the end of everything. "See now, was that so hard to just get into a big battle just to cheer ya up?" The Grand One said. "Yeah, but, it still doesn't help me apologize to Kari for what I did...." The Grand One just laughed a bit, remembering his conversation with Kari from a moment ago. Don't worry, I think Kari would understand without you even having to say a word."

Morning came by and now T.K. was next up to be talked to, except The Grand One had a more special surprise for T.K.. The Grand One gives T.K. his memories from the incident back so can remember how everyone was back together for once, even Davis as depressed as he was. "I never thought I'd see myself doing this you know, perhaps creating Rainboramon allowed me to have something go on where I felt important for once. He's getting just just deserts for the chaos he caused, and as for me, well, I've got a little present for you." The Grand One warps a box with an engagement ring to T.K., and T.K. is surprised about it. "Go on and tell Kari how much you truly feel for her. Believe me, you're not going to find anyone else like her. I've looked, she's a perfect fit for you." After listening to T.K. propose to Kari and the both of them solving Davis's state of depression by inviting them to the wedding, The Grand One could only think about what future lies ahead for him as well.

In the final events of everything, The Grand One decides to be his jolly old self and gives Gaiamon and Terranadrosus human forms to attend the wedding with him, both theirs and also Ken and Yolei's wedding he was there on the sidelines. "Never thought I'd be here to see this myself you know." Was all he could say. This marks the one of only a few occasions The Grand One doesn't wear his signature armor. Back at Ultimoria, the planet of his universe, he works on finishing up the B/C universe after being happy for once to actually work on finishing it, a dream that so far, is still a dream, but one he knows he will fulfill one day.

Digimon: Bursting Cries

Despite not having created Dragoramon until years later in this timeline, The Grand One was already trying to meddle with other universes years before Dragoramon would be created. His actions unintentionally ended up with two results: Sora getting very mad at Tai and falling for Matt instead of Tai, and at the exact same time Davis nearly getting T.K. killed and breaking Kari's heart. What exactly happened that caused this is something even The Grand One doesn't remember, but he kept saying he could only hear nothing but "gibberish" of some kind. Two of The Grand One's minions were getting into a fight and at the same time unintentionally controlling the actions of Tai and Davis. The Grand One decided that with these two troublesome beings there'd have to be something capable of fixing damage to other universes, and decides to spend several years working on Project Dragora.

At the Adventure 02 universe, about 6 months after the events of The Rise of Dragoramon, Kari is haunted by memories and nightmares of the dark ocean, and when Dragomon ends of hurting Kari badly when he tries to capture her again, this time personally, and not only does this make T.K. mad, but it makes The Grand One so mad he suddenly appears by greeting Dragomon with his Warlock Punch and Dragomon is sent flying into a cliffside. Dragomon tries to make another attack on both T.K. and Kari and also The Grand One, but then The Grand One asks Dragomon if he knows what true fear is. Dragomon just laughs, as The Grand One can't use his armor in this universe, and that he is fear himself. The Grand One undergoes a monstrous transformation into some gruesome beast of some kind and goes into some kind of bloodlust, clawing Dragomon and his minions to death mercilessly. Before Dragomon is killed he begs for mercy, but The Grand One replies "You've nearly killed the voice of mercy, so she cannot answer your request now", clearly speaking of Kari, and begins to pummel Dragomon to death as T.K. carries a badly wounded Kari out of the place, T.K. having saw only a glimpse of what was going on.

Suddenly another Goddreamon appears, having been born in this universe and came here after sensing a copy of himself. "There can only be one" was what The Grand One said before changing into a SuperMechadramon and destroying him. The Grand One realizes only just now that the presence of Dragoramon caused Digimon from his own universe to appear here, and so begins a hunting spree to eliminate the other Super Ultimates and the SuperMechadramon residing here in this universe deeming them the biggest threats to this universe so far. That hunt would have to wait after two of the Digidestined were in the hospital now, Kari for her injuries, and the fact that Sora was giving birth to her's and Matt's first child. Nothing seems to make any sense to The Grand One anymore in his opinion, wondering how time could go by that fast with them. Also noticing how Leviadramon, Behedramon, and Zizdramon were aiding the three of them during this, he looked at the time from the last time he was here at all and it was exactly 6 months, 6 days, and 6 hours since the Dragoramon incident. He has a look at the demolished remains of the inhabitants that lay before him, and feeling the memories of the savage and relentless destruction he had caused here would not be appreciated by the other DigiDestined, he decides to say to them that a Digimon called Goddreamon did all the destruction. T.K., however, felt suspicious having managed to see a glimpse of what was truly going on.

Little did The Grand One know at the time, another Crest was discovered in the remains of Dragomon. Dragomon, apparently having survived being pummeled to death, feels the crest torn out of him by another being in armor similar to The Grand One's, the crest being the newly created Crest of Darkness. With the Crest having brought him back to life at the moment, Dragomon once again perishes without it. The stranger, in a voice similar to The Grand One's, summons a powerful Dragon of Light and uses it to exterminate the entire Dark Ocean and all of the Dark Area as well so that his own evil plans can begin to unfold...

Back in the present, his Gaiamon, at one point having grown to the size of the moon, was sealed away far off in space due to having grown too big for even The Grand One to handle. The Grand One, deciding he would be interested to see exactly how big it would get, decides to speed up the growth rate gene it has in order for Gaiamon to reach max size sooner within a few year time frame.

This Gaiamon would end up threatening the entire solar system as it seemed to have lost it's mind trying to find it's way back to Sol. It's presence felt long before it even came anywhere close to the Digital World, from small tremors to really huge tremors and sudden changes in weather, everyone was growing concerned over something big that may be happening. Turns out, something big really was happening. Literally. Gaiamon, originally 1,000 feet tall when it had digivolves, was now about the size of Sol itself, so every action it could do could easily obliterate half or all of the solar system in one strike.

Duo arrives to Earth with Commander Kiryu to convince The Grand One to stop the Digimon he had created. Every time he kept telling them not to rush him as he was busy with something. Commander Kiryu was getting mad at The Grand One ignoring the urgency of this issue, but somehow The Grand One knew nothing bad would happen right from the start even if he delayed on helping them. Commander Kiryu gets desperate as Gaiamon approaches Neptune, the planet the Digital World orbits around in the B/C universe. So basically he decides to force Duo into the matter, where Duo responds by kicking him in the face saying she doesn't want involved in this now that he's acting like a 10 year old dealing with The Grand One's reactions.

The Grand One is overhearing all of them from his little house, hearing Kiryu shouting off rather violent language right in Duo's face and even threatens to tear her to have Dragoramon expand her breast size. Not only did this anger Duo like heck, but The Grand One came storming out so mad his door shattered into tiny pieces as if it were glass when he barged out overhearing him and his threats. "I already have one Lilithmon to deal with, I don't need another!!!" was all he said shouting at the top of his already loud voice to the point some say you could hear him all the way from Neptune. Suddenly the Grandis Helmet The Grand One wears reveals it's secret weapon; The Gaia Genesis Cannon. Apparently the helmet is not where The Grand One's head is when he's wearing the armor...

Commander Kiryu takes this as a challenge and summons SuperMechadramon to deal with him, but The Grand One chose not to summon any Digimon to confront him, merely shouting out "CHARGIN MAH LAZAH. BETTER START RUNNIN BOY." Kiryu suddenly freaked out saying he can't possibly be serious about this, only for The Grand One to shout "After all, if you want SuperMechadramon to be as tough as it is; No pain, no gain, yes?" right before firing off the most powerful laser blast of any laser based attack. The laser made of pure energy, it instantly destroys the much larger SuperMechadramon where it stands. Kiryu only hide like a coward saying that laser is the only thing that he fears more than anything. Duo can't help but burst out laughing for once, saying she's never seen him so scared before. The Grand One says he has all the reason to be scared, as the same exact laser cannon is built into Gaiamon's mouth as well, and can do pretty much just the same thing to the Galactic Core and destroy the entire galaxy if wanted to.

If it was doing anything, however, it was destroying the Digital World at any moment. "Alright alright enough is enough." Was all he said as he warped to there as a giant version of himself. Singing just random gibberish for no apparent reason, Gaiamon does nothing but stands there and watches, following The Grand One away from Neptune and the Digital World, only for The Grand One to just send Gaiamon flying all the way out of the entire Galaxy with a giant hammer that's actually a heavily modified Digivice. Duo just stares blankly the whole time, wondering what the heck goes on in The Grand One's mind and why Kiryu made those odd threats about her.

Wondering what the heck is going on in Kiryu's mind, The Grand One has a look himself and sees what he calls "Duo's worst nightmare". Duo asking what it is, he chooses not to tell her since she doesn't want to know. "And believe me, you DON'T wanna know. Trust me." But then he just ends up whispering it into Duo's ear causing her face to become a bright red and vowing to give Kiryu the worst beating of his life next time she sees him, and Commander Kiryu just so happens to walk into the room at the worst possible time at that very instant.....

The Great Battle of Xros Wars

The Grand One showed his true selfish nature in this specific instance. He apparently shows major hate towards the Xros Wars universe for how it is handled, with him calling it "The fun about DNA Digivolving is completely ruined by this universe". With that in mind, he orders Dragoramon to keep the severe damage to the Xros Wars universe unchanged. However, this starts to threaten Duo's existence for some reason, so she steals Dragoramon back from The Grand One to fix the damage done while the player character of B/C works on restoring the DigiQuartz part of the timeline.

The Grand One, surprisingly, doesn't notice Duo sneak to the true problem with Dragoramon and focuses solely on the player by sending practically all the most powerful Digimon in B/C's universe against the player. Seeing as he's getting nowhere, it isn't until he brings the remaining Terranadramon to the present timeline that he sees what Duo and Dragoramon were doing, reducing the Terranadramon numbers from 1 Trillion to only 1,000 and also restoring the Xros Wars character's lives. Confused as to what's going on, Taiki has Shoutmon DigiXros to Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode to help deal with the Terranadramon. Soon they still prove to be so much trouble Marcus rallies tamers from other universes to help stop all of this.

The Grand One, throwing such a tantrum for someone his age, says he has no other choice but to destroy them all and sends a Xilatealeon, Shieldrus, and Terranadrosus at them, calling them virtually indestructible. With the combined forces of every tamer to ever exist is only when they are defeated. The Grand One, surprised they managed to beat them, calls it mere luck but otherwise respects them now for having beaten the three most powerful beings of his universe, and fixes all the problems in the timelines. The Adventure 02 timeline is the only timeline that remains unchanged yet again, and everything is at peace once more, or, that is, until The Grand One designs a being so powerful that even they won't be a match for it...

...Which apparently, was designed and already used prior to him having designed it chronologically. He discovers it right away once he finds a wielder of the Crest of Darkness, but apparently he and Dragoramon don't have control over what it could be. The Dragon of Light, Solarismon, was intended as the ultimate evil and ultimate destroyer, but the plan was foiled when somebody else already was using it, but as a countermeasure against this, The Grand One instead designs the ultimate savior, The Dragon of Darkness.

Digimon: Aftermath

Sometime in High School, The Grand One, know going by his real name Marty, meets a girl who was unlike any other girl in his school. He called all the other girls similar to either Mimi or Zoe, but this girl he met was almost just like him. Both had many traits in common, and eventually after Marty got to know her better by seeing her more during lunch, Marty ended up falling in love with her thinking she may be the only girl in his life he'd actually have a chance with. His prediction was correct, and after all, he had two previous girlfriends before but both broke up with him for reasons that wasn't even his own fault. This girl, Ashton, also loved Marty back and the two were inseparable when they grew older. When Marty turned 22 and graduated from college, he proposed to her and both married and Marty, after sealing away all the evil Digimon in the Digital World, hangs up his Grandis Armor for what he thought would be the last time and settled down with his new family for an easygoing life.

Eventually, however, the Spirit of Dragoramon would end up where Marty and his family was residing, only to be destroyed by one of Marty's old Digimon Megaton, who was stolen from Marty's storage about a year ago. During an incident with Eaglemon, his two daughters, Shout and Sophia, were transported to the Digital World but Marty is unable to follow them as this Digital World is entirely different from the Digital World he once claimed to rule. When his children and their friends return to the real world, they are attacked by Eaglemon's last ditch effort plan to destroy them all; Stealing the top secret, experimental Digimon Stellerdramon and Photondramon. Both Digimon are eventually defeated with the help of Duo's return with her Super Ultimate Theridramon, but soon the two rogue Mecha Digimon fused together to form the Omni Level Fusiondramon, but then Marty remembers something. While SuperMechadramon was destroyed, TitaniumMechadramon still exists. Departing to the Xros Wars universe to borrow Shoutmon from Taiki and also the necessary Digimon, Marty, taking on the role of The Grand One yet again, summons up Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode and has it DigiXros with TitaniumMechadramon to form a new combination that rivals the original SuperMechadramon's capabilities. Fusiondramon is destroyed, and after Eaglemon swears revenge, Marty takes it upon himself to hunt down the Demon Lords that have been awoken in the rampage, and he, Duo, and the six DigiDestined in this universe travel the Digital World to destroy the Demon Lords and Eaglemon.

Prior to Digimon: Final End

30 years have passed since Aftermath. 30 long years. Once again he finds himself residing in his old hermit house back in the original universe, because his wife had died of illness and his three children have grown up and moved out, still living in the other universe unaware of his departure back to this universe. He knew ideas could only last for so long, and that eventually a new era would reign, with three new Digimon replacing Stellerdramon, Photondramon, and Fusiondramon. However, Marty did not want that. Over the years, he'd grown a bit fatter from lack of motivation to do anything, and ever since the kids left he felt alone and when his wife died he felt even worse. However, while he had mentally isolated himself for a similar timeframe, this time he actually lived through the 30 years that passed from this season and the previous one, so he feels even worse than he did before. He often looks back at his old fabled Digivice/Greatsword, often wondering if he should create a Digimon that was powerful enough to turn back time to prevent certain things from happening. But he never could. This was for real. No matter how powerful he would make a Digimon, he'd never be able to change things. So here is again, after 42 years he finds himself in his old house. All his other relatives are gone, with nobody to remind him of who he's been prior to the present. Digirus was eventually found by the Dragoras and destroyed, leaving Marty the sole remaining human in the universe he's in. The days of Bronze and Cobalt were no more, and he sees Aftermath as nothing more than a lie trying to hide the truth of the lonely person he's become. Mighty, Cruger, and Imperial, still the same trio of Megas that were with Marty since his childhood, are often not around anymore, having taken to organizing the Digital World in the other universe as Paladin Mode Imperialdramon. It was surprising to see these three leave him as well, thinking of what his remaining future was to be...

Digimon: Final End

Marty is confronted by his "children", as he refuses to call them, as Shout and Sophia try and reason with Marty in-order to stop a rampaging Predadramon. Marty simply ignores them, but tells them of his sad tale; How he believed in things that weren't meant to be, or were never going to be. He explains to them if they want this all to end, they have to show they really want things to be at peace. As Predadramon arrives to face Marty, Marty simply summons up Organidramon to destroy it, thanking the Digimon as it leaves as well. In the final episode, Dragora the Dark launches an attack on Marty's hut of a house, as everyone rushes to save him. Some are hesitant for obvious reasons. Should they really save the one who's been creating Digimon too powerful for them to handle? Ultimately, however, Marty decides enough is enough and decides to end everything. Becoming The Grand One one final time, he obliterates Dragora the Dark, and goes throughout several universes destroying the remaining Dragoras. He knew if he was going to die at any moment soon, he'd take the Dragoras with him. The Grand One finally approaches Dragora Galaxia, the original and solely remaining Dragora in existence. However, Dragoramon's spirit, having been still alive all this time, reveals he has gained control over the mythical Oblivion, a beast so powerful that if it dies the universe is destroyed. The Grand One, deciding between destroying Galaxia or Oblivion, decides that is indeed time to end everything, and thus destroyed both Galaxia and Oblivion by supercharging his trio of Digimon to form Imperialdramon Deity Mode, which destroys both Galaxia and Oblivion effortlessly as The Grand One had intended, thus ending all the stories and conflicts that started since B/C...

Trilogy Epilogue

However, The Grand One wakes up as his normal self, as his 16 years old self, as he realizes that everything that had happened was all a dream he had made up, and no actual alteration to universes or anything had occurred; Nothing had involving his ideals had occurred, as they did not actually exist. While he feels rather down, it finally hits him, and thus he laughs while he begins drawing two different Digimon that he hopes will one day be real: Brondramon and Cobaldramon.

Digimon Classic

After seemingly having abandoned his own Digimon Universes, The Grand One shows sign of returning, but under the new name of Grandis. He also seems to have changed his armor; The one he used for B/C is now an entirely different armor set than the one he's been using already, something he personally changed since he initially didn't design this particular version until later on. He decided to showcase his return by creating a partner Digimon to use in the Digimon Classic universe, and chose a specific one that technically should not exist in that continuity; BaoHuckmon. He basically hijacked the Digital World's coding to include BaoHuckmon's digivolution line, and nobody became aware of this until he showed up, and was quickly given the nickname of Acacius.

When Grandis makes his debut, his armor had been modified to where it can actually participate in battle had he so much pleased to do, but chooses not to, since Acacius's abilities are already broken to the point nobody can defeat him in a one on one fight. Due to the fact this is intentional, Grandis informs his partner to not say a word about himself emerging in this universe, as revealing he exists could ruin the plan of forcing Tenebrae out into the open. The plan ultimately works, and nearly everyone is thrashed, which is when Tenebrae digivolves into a form that can actually defeat Acacius, but while the fight is intense, Tenebrae is forced to back out, as while he is indestructible in that form, the fact Acacius is essentially Invincible means that both of them fighting will result in nothing.

After this, Grandis reveals himself to everyone, and reveals he is the one who implemented Acacius's code into this Digital World through a hacking device. He states he can easily add any Digimon he so pleases to this world, even the fictional ones he's designed, as he already has proof of that; Tenebrae just so happens to be a fictional Digimon designed by Grandis, and Grandis leaves a dumbfounded Tenebrae to have that sink in, as Acacius nails a punch at Tenebrae simply to anger him, before promptly leaving along with Grandis, but stating that both of them may return at any time they deem it necessary.

Digimon Re: Adventure

Eons have passed since Grandis was last sighted in any Digimon universe. Many had thought he now no longer existed, but some few maintain memories of his existence and ponder whether or not he still exists. It turns out he had been dealing with issues within his original home universe for a very lengthy time that he never bothered going anywhere else because of it. Among the countless of ages Grandis had spent in isolation back in his own universe, he had grown much more powerful than one would've thought otherwise, especially now that his status as an "Ultimorian Deity" was now official. Grandis' return to this universe began due to a chaotic uprising that shattered the winds of existence, and Grandis has thus far spent the past 3,000+ years in search of answers.

Having found his way into the most recent Digimon universe of his own involvement, he was puzzled as to why everyone was behaving so differently; the adult situations, the different nature of the real world and Digital World, and even the most simplest of details seemed alien to him. During an encounter with two of the Chosen Children, Yagami Taichi and Mochizuki Meiko, he confronts the two for a battle and pits two Perfect Level Digimon against them both; Fangmon and Tankmon. As Greymon and Meicoomon put up a more impressive fight than he could figure, Grandis Super Evolves the two of his own Digimon into Garummon and Gigadramon respectively to increase the stakes.

In the ensuing fight, Meicoomon is quickly overpowered by the sheer firepower of Gigadramon, and Meiko ends up getting caught in the crossfire of the attack when trying to save her Digimon. When Taichi calls out Grandis for his reckless behavior, he responds by stating that Taichi's not exactly getting the point of what he's trying to have happen, so he flat out tells Taichi "You're either Perfect or your not me" as a clue. Greymon, in response to hearing this, asks Taichi to overcharge his Digivice to allow him to Super Evolve into Perfect. However, Taichi points out the last time this had happened, it resulted in the unstable SkullGreymon. Greymon, however, bravely states he's willing to accept the risk if it means everyone can get out of here alive. Taichi, seeing no other choice, agrees, but instead of SkullGreymon, MetalGreymon is achieved, and MetalGreymon puts up a much more ferocious fight against the weakened Garummon. Knocking out Garummon with Giga Destroyer, MetalGreymon hastily ends his fight with Gigadramon by using his Trident Arm to impale him fatally.

Grandis leaves the fight after virtualizing both Garummon and Gigadramon back into his Digivice, but Taichi still demands answers from Grandis after his violent first encounter with the Ultimorian Deity. Grandis notes that now is not the time for those sort of answers; with only a single Perfect Level Digimon to utilize now, Grandis tells Taichi he'll need a much stronger Digimon to face off against him for answers next time. Departing into the Digital World, Grandis meets up with Mugendramon and details everything that had happened in the scenario, and how it appears true that Meiko is "cursed" somehow.

Alternate Forms


MegaloGrandis (DC)
Voice actor(s):Shiramu-Kuromu
Digivice(s):Dark silver with edges that appear as a blood coated red.
Age 20
Gender Male
Nationality Unknown

After a horrible incident in another universe, Grandis's own rage, in addition to the paradox created by Dragoramon X in regards to the Tamers Universe in how it had dealt away with the reborn, resulted in one of the many events to happen when Dragoramon claimed the X-Antibody to almost instantly digivolve him into Dragoramon X, but before he could use his own powers, he felt the feeling of a deadly, insane intruder in the entire Digimon universe collection. When the intruder emerged, it threatened an entire universal collapse. At first glance, it appeared to be ZeedMillenniummon who was responsible, but ZeedMillenniummon was almost instantly reduced to a smoldering corpse when it had outlived it's purpose of simply granting the REAL problem access to this world; MegaloGrandis. With enough rage, the Grand Armor malfunctioned and caused Grandis to digivolve into a higher form, which Grandis himself refers to strictly as "Super Evolution", since neither he nor his own armor are Digimon.

When MegaloGrandis emerged, it demonstrated insane capabilities that was essentially, in a nutshell, "ZeedMillenniummon achieving Critical Mass". MegaloGrandis was created in a savage daydream, and by savage it was created solely for the purpose of flat out wiping an entire multiverse out of existence, with not a trace left behind even if it were to be restored somehow. Why MegaloGrandis would emerge in this universe is a mystery, since, technically, MegaloGrandis doesn't chronologically exist yet, but that doesn't seem to stop himself from practically causing the entire D-Reaper Mass to detonate upon exposure to his high powered flame cannon, which left Dragoramon X the sole survivor until he himself was destroyed simply trying to get rid of MegaloGrandis.

NeoDragoramon recalls this incident as a horrible nightmare he is unable to confirm or deny had actually happened, but apparently, the Digimon Classic Universe felt aftershocks of MegaloGrandis's original rampage in another universe, and that MegaloGrandis briefly was shown in the mental images attacking Solomon and Eaglemon's minds. The destruction and carnage left by MegaloGrandis could never truly be prepared, but Grandis himself seems oblivious to what exactly he did while he was in this form, leaving many who know about him to have a silent feeling of dread that he can potentially still access the form after he was originally defeated in this form.


Marty W. Mollohan



Voice actor(s):Shiramu-Kuromu
Digivice(s):Gold and crimson
Age 3,315 (Digimon Re: Adventure/Actual Age)
23 (Appearance)
Gender Male
Nationality Ohio, United States

'G', more famously known as, among others, "The Grand One", "Grandis", "Martin W. Mollohan", or simply as "Marty", is identified in the database of the Digital World as the authorization code "UD-03", representing the fact he is the third of the "Ultimorian Deities". 'G' was thought to have never returned to the Digital World or any of its parallel real worlds after a certain point eons in the past; however, it was clear that this wasn't going to last forever. Due to a chaotic reboot to the winds of existence, 'G' has finally returned to this realm to seek answers as to what happened to both himself and his fellow Ultimorian Deities. Having traversed back to this universe in seek of answers, he DigiScanned one of the strongest Digimon possible to use as his partner should his signature armor not be enough to fight an opponent, as he'd much rather not have to fall back on it. As of the time of writing, this is Grandis' default form.

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