The Hero of Gramercy Heights is the sixteenth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


Murmuxmon is searching for reinforcements. He tells Johnny to separate Depthmon from the others.

Kurt informs Mako of Johnny. He explains that Johnny is Morgan's friend, Johnny gave her information about his father & has information on the Holders. Mako wants to meet this Johnny.

Mako & Kurt enter Gale's Bookstore & confront Tom about Johnny. They ask Tom if he knows where Johnny lives. Tom tells them that he managed to get Johnny's license plate number, then goes to the computer & gives them the address.

Morgan finds Charlie in Gramercy Park. Charlie tells Morgan that he is too weak. Morgan tells him that he's the hero of Gramercy Heights, but Charlie tells her that he's not a hero, it was all a setup from the beginning.

Flashback: Special Agent Simons (Murmuxmon) had brought Charlie to his lair. Charlie looks over the Digi-Cards given to him. In the Deck he finds a Contact Card. Agent Simons stops him right there & explains that the Contact Card bonds you with your Digimon, the power he will need to fight the alien creatures, but once you merge with it, it's for life, & there's no going back. Simons explains, you hold out the Contact Card & the Beast will come to you. Charlie accepts & transforms. And for about a month, Depthmon takes out one alien creature (Murmuxmon's monsters) right after another, & saves many people. Agent Simons congratulates Charlie on saving countless lives. Charlie tells him that he wishes he could tell his father, it would make him very proud.

Johnny watches Morgan & Charlie as they continue talking.

Flashback: Agent Simons tells Charlie that he's ready to face off with the alien masterminds & explains that Beelzemon & his henchmen are ten times more powerful than the creatures, & more cunning, they will say or do anything to trick him. Charlie tells him that they won't fool him. Agent Simons says, "Good luck, son!"

Charlie tells Morgan that he's not a real Digimon Holder, & is definitely not a hero. But Morgan tells him that he IS a real hero, the people he saved from Murmuxmon's monsters were real & he was a hero to them, & he is a hero to her. Justimon shows. Charlie tells Morgan to get out of there, then transforms. Justimon & Depthmon head into battle.

Mako & Kurt arrive at the location of the home address, but it's a warehouse. Mako & Kurt go in to check it out. A robot awakens & attacks them with lasers. The two transform & battle the robot, but it gets away.

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