Before we begin, let me just tell you that this is more than what you will expect to happen. It is not like the adventure of the chosen ones while they had their own destiny. Now, their stories will unite, a sword shall be forged, and a battle shall begin. But can they finish the chaos I and my brother have started? If you are not ready click Fan:Digimon: Ultimate Vengenance. But if you are, continue reading and never stop.-Matrixmon, the Mechanical God.

             ==Chapter One: The Legend of the Seventh Star==  

It was two years after the latest war of the Digimon,the children of Matrixmon have returned to him in his castle in the heavens. Dark clouds have covered the sky, winds blowing without end, and tides rising above the land. "What's wrong, master?" Zack asked Matrixmon, who appears to be weakening. "" Matrixmon replied, then collapsed.

"What should we do?!" Tai's Agumon said panicking. "We must call the previous chosen ones." Justimon said, suddenly appearing in the scene. "Where'd you come from?" one of Trike's heads asked. "No time to explain. Call the Ark." Justimon ordered Porimon. "Sir,yes, sir!" Porimon said, then he hopped out of the throne room. "Why have you summoned me, Justimon?" Grani asked Justimon, who was organizing a battle plan. "Well hello, Ark." Seraphimon, "Good to see you, again." "Good to see you, my king." Grani replied. "Ark, is" Matrixmon asked, lifting his mechanical body. "Well, sir, how can I help you?" Grani asked the gigantic robot who is about a thousand times his size. "Remember the prophecy? The one saying that the ones who saved the digital world before will return once more?" Matrixmon asked Grani. "Yes, sir." Grani replied, "I am ready for the task." "Grani, I give you one Cannonbeemon to assist you." Ophanimon told Grani. "Yes?" Cannonbeemon asked, suddenly appearing beside Grani. "Grani, Cannonbeemon, I will give you all the time you need to gather the Digi-destined and take them here, alive." Cherubimon stated. "What if we get lost?" asked Cannonbeemon. "Don't worry, Clockmon will keep the gate open." Alphamon answered. Clockmon appears with a gigantic clock beside him. "Enter the portal, I will follow." Clockmon said. charged towards the clock, and Grani followed him. They arrived after the time when the Digi-destined defeated MaloMyotismon. "There!" Cannonbeemon shouted, then he swooped down at Tai and Matt, capturing them successfully. "Two down, thirteen more kids" Grani said. "To the next time world." Clockmon said. They entered the gate and Cannonbeemon successfully captured Ken and Davis. "Nine more" Grani told Cannobeemon.

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