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The New Tamers!
Written by (En:) Henry Ljung

One year after the events of the G-Reaper, Takato, Henry and Rika all joined a new real life game called Digimon Taming. Soon they understand that there is newcomers.


Takato tell little about him and the other Tamers. Takato, Henry and Rika started in the Digimon Taming along with the others.

At the school a new boy named Henrik started. He moved from High-ton View Terrace for a time ago and saw the final battle between Imperialdramon and MaloMyotismon. After the school, a SkullSatamon came and nearly killed Takato. Henrik who knowed about Digimon took hes Digivice and dubble digivolved DemiMamemon to MetalMamemon, but even the ultimate was no chanse against SkullSatamon. Henriks digivice started glow and evolved into a D-Reader. He used a card and Andromon get the power and deafeted SkullSatamon, wich he captured.

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