Bagra Army: The Nobles
Bagra Army Flag
General information
Leader: Bagramon
Intentions: To conquer the Digital World
Appearances: FanFiction Digimon Xros Wars

The Nobles are high-ranking members of the Bagra Army, second only to the Three Officers and Bagramon himself. With the sudden incursion of numerous humans into the Digital World, the Nobles have given themselves the task of cleaning up the stragglers while the Three Officers deal with the more pertinent threat of the Xros Heart and Blue Flare armies. They are an organization that largely keeps to the shadows, but their new presence signals a shift in the nature of the war for the Code Crown.

With the reformatting of the Digital World, the group is essentially defunct, as most of its members had fallen to their respective opponents.



File:Duskmon t.jpg
Level Human Hybrid
Type Demon Man
Attribute Variable
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers

A member of the Nobles whose origin and intentions remain a mystery. He prefers to fight with honor, and desires his opponent to come at him with their full strength. He only desires combat, and his past is a complete mystery.

During the struggle for the Code Crown, Duskmon encountered and battled the Digirangers. He fought them multiple times throughout the different zones, deciding that KingAquilamon was the worthy opponent he had been seeking out. He kidnapped Sally in order to force KingAquilamon into a final confrontation in the Swords Zone. Their battle was finally settled and Duskmon was defeated.

Unbeknownst to the Digirangers, once Taiki acquired the Code Crown, Duskmon was resurrected and reformatted into Lowemon.


  • Deadly Gaze (Geist Abend, Deu: Ghost Evening): Projects energy beams from its hands and the assorted "eyes" all over its body.
  • Lunar Plasma (Eroberung, Deu: Conquest): Raises and lowers its swords to form a red moon and then rushes at its enemy, slicing them.


(クロスモン Crossmon)
Eaglemon b
Level Mega
Type Cyborg Digimon
Giant Bird
Attribute Vaccine
Family Metal Empire

Argomon (Ultimate)

Argomon (Ultimate)
(アルゴモン< Algomon)
Argomon (Ultimate) b
Level Ultimate
Type Mutant
Attribute Virus
Family Jungle Troopers

Belphemon Sleep Mode

Belphemon Sleep Mode
(ベルフェモン スリープモード)
Belphemon Sleep Mode b
Level Mega
Type Demon Lord
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area
Next forms Belphemon Rage Mode
Seraphimon Darkness Mode
* (w/ Seraphimon)

Belphemon is a member of the Nobles whose true power was sealed by Lilithmon. He is easily the most powerful of the Nobles and goes so far as to threaten Lilithmon (his superior) in order to get his seal undone. He is the only one of the Nobles still around after the reformatting of the Digital World.

Former Members


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