A show about a family of palamons who get into conflicts with a lalamon family.


Luilly family

Palamon Luilly-The main character, who commonly has to look after their baby yuramon and their 3 year old tanemon.She has a big sister who is a togemon, Commonly called Togey.She is always ready, but can be shy and this has gotten her into a few jams.

Lillymon Luilly- Lillymon b

She is palamons mother. She is aparently widowed, according to togey in Togey: Stories of the past. She also enjoys meeting new people and is devoted to protecting her 4 children.

Togey Y Togemon Luilly-Togemon Yillensmit togemon Luilly (Her full name is revealed here, and the rest of her family surname is also luilly) Is palamons big sister, the only child in the family to actually own her own episode. She is rather protective but also carefree and Quite happy.

Tanemon Luilly-She is a 3 year old who is always in the Tane crib (her bed). She is revealed to be a rather unprotected member of the family and if in seirous danger, will use acid bubbles.

Yuramon G Luilly-Yuramon Gertrude Luilly Full name said in Yuramon at the hospital.She was last born and shortly after being born her father died. she is very unknown.
Yuramon t

Yuramon (ユラモン?)

Rosemon Idala-Mother of lillymon, Dead and somewhat scary.