Alphamon glared at ClavisAngemon. It was war.

"If someone isn't going to win this it's both of us! We need humans in this world!" cried ClavisAngemon.

"I am not allowing people going through different universes one by one!" cried Alphamon. As he said those words Tokomon turned up.

"I think it's ok to let new friends in to this world!" exclaimed Tokomon. But after the final word Alphamon used his Seiken Gradalpha and killed him.Alphamon had killed the helpless little in training. Tokomon was gone. ClavisAngemon went mental, insane, angry, devastated and revenged. As they both used their attacks, It all went black.......

Tommy woke up. It was a pretty boring day. But it all turned weird when he looked up. A Red glow was shooting across the sky.It came towards him at light speed.

"Is this my destiny? What is in store for me?" cried Tommy. The red glow settled into his hands. When he blinked the red glow turned into a Red X Loader! Before he knew it a portal opened and sucked him in. Could my day get even weirder? thought Tommy.

"Is He Dead?"

"Don't be stupid Neamom, He's asleep"

"Are you sure Bokkomon?"

Neamon Jumped on Tommy and he woke up.


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