Chronomon Holy Mode vg

not normally a celestial angel but came to aid the side of light in the final round against lucemon

Lucemon Shadowlord Mode b

lucemons best form abandoning the light and endowing the chaos the final battle is here

File:ShadowSeraphimon t.jpg
Leviamon b

The demon of water and almost as much as a beast as belphemon al he ever cares for is eating

Cherubimon (Evil) t

cherubimon hit with a virus making him ruthless and to some extents evil

Beelzemon b

a demon that challenges lucemon for his title but always fails

Seraphimon t

leader of the angels the king of all holy digimon challenged for his title constantly he controls the power of seven stars of light equalling seven full holy suns

Lucemon Chaos Mode b

leader of the great demons a half fallen evil angle digimon

Cherubimon (Good) b

an angel clown and beast but peaceful beast of the angels

File:Lilithmon b.jpg
Ophanimon t

The mistress of the celestial digimon

Belphemon Rage Mode b

an utter beast of pure destruction

Daemon b

daemon a scorge of all digital areas

              This time its the Celestial Digimon vs. the Seven Great Demon Lords 

here are the match ups . During this you'll be wondering which ones are the angels

            Lilithmon vs. Ophanimon demons win
             Belphemon Rage Mode vs Cherubimon Demons win
            Seraphimon vs. Lucemon chaos mode Angels win
             Seraphimon vs. Lucemon shadow lord mode
             Seraphimon vs. Beelzemon
             Cherubimon Evil vs. Daemon
             Cherubimon Evil vs. Leviamon
             ShadowSeraphimon vs. Lilithmon
             Seraphimon vs. Lilithmon
             ShadowSeraphimon vs. Cherubimon Evil
             Seraphimon vs. Cherubimon Evil
             Seraphimon vs. Cherubimon

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