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The Six Realm Sages

The Six Realm Sages are a group of Ultimate level Digimon who are found within legends of the Digital World. The Six Sages are said to guide the souls of Digimon who have been deleted, guiding them through the process of being reborn as a Digi-Egg. They are each named after one of the six realms of reincarnation in Buddhism.



Devamon is a Wizard Digimon whose name is derived from the Buddhist Deva. Devamon is a wise and benevolent Digimon and a member of the Six-Realm Sages. He is the highest-ranking member of the Six-Realm Sages who continually seeks greater enlightenment. He lives an isolated life and only appears on special occaisions. He provides blessings to the souls of Digimon who are about to be reincarnated. These Digimon go on to do great things, and it is said that the greatest heroes in the history of the Digital World were once blessed by Devamon. Though he dislikes conflict, Devamon is said to be very powerful.


  • Nirvana Sanction: Traps the data of his opponents in a continual loop, essentially leaving them paralyzed.
  • Butsu Palm: Sends forth several balls of cleansing light from his palm, which purifies the data of the target.


Asuramon is a Wizard Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Asura. It is a legendary Digimon which possesses four arms and three faces. It suddenly appeared within a computer as it was analyzing ancient Hindu cultural documents. Of Asuramon's three faces, one is a face of wrath, one is a face of mercy, and the last is a face of blessings. Contrary to its outer appearance, it honors justice, so it is said that if it sees injustice it will thoroughly attack it without yielding, and it can certainly be said that its personality is like an avatar of a god of light.

Amongst the Six-Realm Sages, Asuramon's duty is to guide the souls of good Digimon to their rebirth in the Digital World.


  • Fire Fist of Shiva (阿修羅神拳 Asura Shinken?, lit. "Asura God-fist"): Unleashes a Punch Rush from its four arms which possesses the offensive power to completely annihilate the opponent itself. Naturally, when that is used while Asuramon has its face of wrath, it is its last and strongest technique.
  • Multiple Faces (喜怒哀楽 Kidoairaku?, lit. "Joy, Anger, Sorrow")
  • Fire Fist of Shiva (阿修羅炎熱拳 Asura Ennetsuken?, lit. "Asura Sweltering Fist"): Fires off the flames that were wrapped around the fists of its four arms.
  • Asura Bakunenken (阿修羅爆燃拳? lit. "Asura Exploding Fist"): Simultaneously fires off the flames that were wrapped around the fists of its four outstretched arms.






  • Of the six realms, the Deva and Asura realms are considered heavenly, the Manusya (human) and Tiryagyoni (animal) realms are earthly, and the Preta and Naraka realms are hellish, thus Devamon and Asuramon are Vaccine types, Manusyamon and Tiryagyonimon are Data Types, and Pretamon and Narakamon are Virus Types.

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