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The Trouble With JumboGamemon
(Gurottomon to etemon no sōzō! Shippai bakari shite iru dejimonjanbogamemon!)
"Grottomon & Etemon's Creation! The Bumbling Digimon JumboGamemon!"

The Trouble With JumboGamemon is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron.


Grumblemon spies on the six teens as they play basketball in the park. He & Etemon plan on surprising them with their very own Digimon. As Lilithmon naps at the palace, Etemon & Grumblemon sneak into Wisemon's lab. Etemon reveals a clay turtle. Grumblemon puts a bunch of cannons into the Digimon Machine along with the turtle. Out pops JumboGamemon.

The Claymon surprise the DigiDestined on the basketball court, but the fight doesn't last long. Alex excuses himself for karate practice. Brick & Stick tease Taylor, Maggie, & Spencer on the court. It ends with Brick & Stick colliding with a rolling hot dog cart. Etemon & Grumblemon hide in the bushes with JumboGamemon before being spotted. The DigiDestined summon their Digimon. JumboGamemon uses his green laser on Carly & her Digimon Dinotigermon. She runs off & can't stop moving. The other four DigiDestined take on JumboGamemon, who freezes Nicky, Spencer, Maggie, & their Digimon Triceramon, Mammothmon, & Pteramon. Just before JumboGamemon can use its cannon on them, Taylor jumps in the way & shoots the Digimon with his DigiBlaster. JumboGamemon disappears with Etemon & Grumblemon.

MadLeomon tells his comrades that they shouldn't have made a Digimon without Lilithmon's consent. However, Lilithmon wakes up & is ecstatic over the news of JumboGamemon.

The frozen DigiDestined are taken to the Command Center. Seraphimon says that a Deandra flower can reverse the effects, & has already told Carly to find it at the Mountain of Hope in the Digital World.

Lilithmon makes JumboGamemon a giant & it attacks the city. Taylor fights it with his Digimon Tyrannomon. Eventually Alex shows up with his Digimon Coredramon. With guidance from Dinotigermon, Carly finds the Deandra. She sprinkles its pollen on top of the giant JumboGamemon. The other DigiDestined are released from the ray's effect & Tyrannomon finishes off JumboGamemon.

The six have another basketball game. Nicky wows everyone with a slam dunk in a one on one match with Spencer.

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