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The Yolk's On You
(Dejieggukureibā, burakkuguraumon!)
"The Digi-Egg Craver, BlackGrowmon!"

The Yolk's On You! is the thirty-third episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


A talent show is being held at the youth center. Taylor & Alex are performing together, but Alex forgot their belts. So, he goes to fetch them. Wisemon prepares a birthday present for Lilithmon - creating a Digimon called BlackGrowlmon. It's immediately sent to Tokyo's forest.

Backstage at the youth center, Principal Makuta runs into Brick & Stick. The duo plan on playing some music - Brick on guitar & Stick on cymbals.

Lilithmon spots BlackGrowlmon on Earth & is excited over Wisemon's present. She sends her goons to help BlackGrowlmon out. A horde of Claymon go after Alex on his way to get the belts. He gets trapped in a net hanging from a tree & a Claymon takes his digivice. MadLeomon, Etemon, & Grumblemon stumble upon some eggs. The latter two eat the eggs, but they turn out to be rare Digi-Eggs & were BlackGrowlmon's lunch.

When Alex doesn't answer his CCC, the others get worried. The five are summoned to the Command Center. Seraphimon explains what happened to Alex & the appearance of BlackGrowlmon. The DigiDestined are sent to handle the Digimon while Alex is left to handle his own situation alone.

The DigiDestined confront BlackGrowlmon. MadLeomon says that the DigiDestined have all more Digi-Eggs so BlackGrowlmon attacks them. MadLeomon blasts them off of a cliff. Lilithmon shows up & tells BlackGrowlmon to obey her & he can have more eggs. She turns him into a giant & the DigiDestined form DinoOmnimon. BlackGrowlmon gets the upper hand & heads to destroy the nearby dam.

Alex frees himself from the net & gets his tools back. He & Coredramon joins the others. BattleCoredramon is united, but it's not enough to stop BlackGrowlmon. With CoreOmnimon & KingBrachiomon, the Digimon is destroyed.

The gang returns to the talent show, which is already in progress. Taylor & Alex do some martial arts, & then Brick & Stick give a hilarious & embarrassing music performance.

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