The Zero Hazard
General information
Founder: Gallantmon Crimson Mode
Leader: Gallantmon Crimson Mode
Intentions: To find out the secret of their marks.

The Zero Hazard is a group of Digimon who have ether the "Zero Unit" or the "Digital Hazard" mark.

The current members are, Gallantmon Crimson Mode, MirageGaogamon Burst Mode, MegaGargomon, Sakuyamon, Calumon, Sakkakumon, and Lucemon.


Digimon Mark Mark Location
Gallantmon Crimson Mode t
Gallantmon Crimson Mode
Digital Hazard DigiCore
MirageGaogamon Burst Mode t
MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
Digital Hazard Chest
MegaGargomon t
Zero Unit Ears
Sakuyamon t
Zero Unit Gloves
Sakkakumon t
Zero Unit Sakkakumon's Head Keter Sphere
Lucemon t
Digital Hazard Hands
Calumon t
Zero Unit Head


Takato, the leader of the Tamers, was pulled through the portal to the Digi-World with Rika and Henry, where they reunited with Guilmon, Terriermon, Renamon, and Calumon, he later befriended MirageGaogamon, Sakkakumon, and Lucemon on his journey to find the Tamers other Digimon.

MirageGaogamon was originally partnered to Thomas Norstein from the Data Squad universe, but after returning to the Digi-World, he explored the boundary's of the Digi-World and soon found himself in the Tamer's Digi-World where me met and befriended Takato and his friends, he hope's to some day reunite with his partner and help the Data Squad's Digimon do the same and he beleave's that takato might be the key to doing that.

Sakkakumon was originally an evil Digimon under the influence of the evil Cherubimon in the Digimon Frontier universe, but was later purified by Takuya, right after Takuya and the others returned to the real world, Sakkakumon went after Lucemon's egg witch contained Lucemon's "holy" data, and in the Tamer's Digi-World, soon after witch the egg hatched in to a purified Lucemon, who Sakkakumon decided to look after. Unlike the old Lucemon, he is kind and caring, Lucemon wears Holy Rings on its arms and legs, and has the symbol of the Digital Hazard on its hands.

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