(??? MgaKillerdramon)
Title The Ultimate One
Level Mega+
Type Hyper Therizinosaur
Attribute Free
Family Tyrannical Forces
Prior forms Segnodramon
Next forms Theridramon Burst Mode
Argendramon (With Digi-Egg of Friendship)
Giganodramon (With Digi-Egg of Courage)
Goddreamon (With Digi-Egg of Kindness)
Splicedramon (With Digi-Egg of Miracles)
Partners Duo

Theridramon, while not a Legendary Digimon like Brondramon or Cobaldramon, certainly has the strength of one. It's sheer power let's it overwhelm several different Mega Level Digimon all at once. It's uniquely pure Free attribute, which resists Vaccine, Data, and Virus while being able to best all three easily, hence the attribute is hardly ever seen as a Digimon's only attribute. It also is the first discovered of a new family of Digimon called Tyrannical Forces, which have since been used to classify major villian Digimon such as Apocalymon and Lucemon Shadowlord Mode. It's power is slightly above Mega, yet not Super Ultimate either, allowing it to deal equal damage to both easily. It's line is the B/C counterpart to Agumon, which is odd due to it's antagonistic role in B/C. Some Theridramon are known to take on roles killing off specific Digimon in particular, but the most common casualties caused by Theridramon are related to the Arresterdramon line for a peculiar reason...

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

A Theridramon serves as the main antagonist of the main storyline. Gameplay wise, Theridramon can be considered a parallel to the Pokemon Salamence and Hydreigon, as it is only obtained as Ridramon in a secret portion of Dragoramon's domain that doesn't become available until the force field around Theriza Fortress is destroyed, referencing Bagon, and in addition to that that, the Digivolution requirements are very hefty and require constant grinding inorder to digivolve it from Ridramon all the way to Theridramon just in time for the boss rush at the end of the main story line, a trait it shares with Deino. Should Theridramon ever be obtained at this point, it's stats would actually surpass that of Brondramon or Cobaldramon when they're the final boss, making finishing the main storyline extremely easy, not only due to high stats, but also it's unique version of Dramon Destroyer, which is the only Anti-Dramon attack that can hurt Brondramon or Cobaldramon due to Theridramon's unique level placement in between Mega and Super Ultimate. Theridramon digivolves from Segnodramon at Level 99 with 1,000,000 Dark Exp. It digivolves into Burst Mode after having defeated at least 100 Arresterdramon in-battle, in addition to a 500,000 Holy Exp requirement, but it does not require a specific level to Digivolve other than Level 99 for the initial time.

Digimon: Bursting Cries

A rampaging male causes chaos in a small town and is then beaten up by Duo, from which this same individual is forced to become her partner Digimon when it degenerates to a DigiEgg. This specific Theridramon is most famous for it's hatred of Arresterdramon more than any other individual, to the point it's physically impossible to stop it's rampage if it so much as spokes the Digimon in question.