Thomas Kasuto
Thomas Kasuto
Appears in:Fan:The Lost Chronicles
First appearance Fan:Lost Chronicles I Chapter 3: Fateful Encounter
Actor(s):Kirk Thornton
Age 19
Date of birth 780
Gender male
Height 5'06"
Sign Aries
Weight 146
Aliases The Assassin

A constant traveler, Thomas is part of a group whose main objective is fighting bandits. Thomas's particular style of fighting has earned him the title of "The Assassin." He is quite and keeps to himself, but will not forgive anyone who so much as looks at his friends the wrong way. His sword is called Aquroya.


Thomas is a calm and level-headed individual. In stark contrast to his Digimon partner, Statuedramon, he is intelligent and able to make rational decisions.

He seems to have an aversion to heat.


At the beginning of Lilithmon's Epic, Thomas was shown walking through Cyprus Desert with Statuedramon, away from a horde of enraged bandits. However, Statuedramon manages to convince Thomas to take a quick rest in Caladium Village. While there, the bandits attack, and Thomas is knocked unconscious by a Minotarumon.



  • Statuedramon: Thomas and Statuedramon share a very close bond of trust and friendship. Due to their opposing personalities, the two argue constantly over trivial matters, but their friendship never wavers.


“Anyway, that’s beside the point; we’re supposed to be going to Linnea Village to the west of where we are, not Caladium to the south. We don’t have time to stop here, nor can we allow the people here to be endangered by our presence. Have you completely forgotten we’re being followed? We can’t just endanger innocent lives simply because we need to rest!”


Fontaine (Pokemon Conquest) [1]

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