Today it was a regular day for Jerry Harolds, Alice Smith and Oscar Dylans. "Come on. We need your help!" shouted a voice from nowhere. Jerry looked around. What on earth in England was happening? A weird portal from nowhere opened up. A Digimon emerged from the portal. "Three Children who stand before me, I present Three Xros Loaders." The X loaders floated into their hands. "What are these?" asked Jerry. "Psst Jerry.... This big guy with the heads for shoulders probably needs our help!" whispered Oscar loudly. "Oh can it, Mr Reckless! Leave Jerry alone!" cried Alice. Jerry's X Loader turned red. Alice's turned orange. Oscar's turned teal. Suddenly Jerry ran into the portal. Alice ran after him. "Uh, big guy, what's your name if we meet you again?" asked Oscar, one foot in the DigiPort. "Omnimon." boomed the voice. Oscar ran in. Suddenly Omnimon's shadow started to speak. "Let the trouble begin!" Omnimon's shadow transformed into a black version of Omnimon: Omegamon Zwart! Omgemon Zwart dived into the DigiPort. "Oh dear. Chronomon's going to delete me for this...." moaned Omnimon.

"Shoutmon! We need more power to defeat Chrysalimon!"" roared Dorulumon as the three 7th year kids walked in. "Our tamers! We've waited years!" cried Shoutmon as he jumped into Jerry's arms. "I am joyed that you came, Alice." said Dorulumon. "OH BOY! HIYA OSCAR! LETS MAKE FRIENDS FOR LIFE!" shouted the random robotic Ballistamon. Chrysalimon stared at Jerry. "Human... prepare to be blasted!" hissed Chrysalimon. "Jerry! Digivolve me!" shouted Shoutmon. Jerry did as he was told. Shoutmon started to transform...... "Digivolution: CANCEL!" roared a voice. Shoutmon immediatley stopped. Omegamon Zwart glared at them. "Digivolution shall be illegal. Punishment will be death!" Omegamon Zwart announced before he vanished. "Rock Damashi!" shouted Shoutmon as he launched an attack. "Drill Buster!" roared Dorulumon. "HEAVY SPEAKER!" bleeped Ballistamon. The attacks got closer....... Will the attacks hit? find out on the next episode tomorrow! Next episode

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