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Leaders of the Bagra Army, serving under Bagramon.



-is a member of the Head Officers and is also the strongest of the three officers that serves under Bagramon.
Tactimon t

Bagra Army's Tactimon

Personality He likes everything to be done with "Perfection".


 - Ichi-no-tachi
 - Ni-no-tachi
 - San-no-tachi
 - Shi-no-tachi
 - Go-no-tachi
 - Tanegashima
 - Kishintotsu
 - Hoshiwari
 - Tenshukaku


-is a member of the Head Officers and is also the only female within the group that serves under Bagramon.
Laylamon t

Bagra Army's Lilithmon

Personality She always feel like "Exploding" when one of her plans or subordinates fail her.


 - Phantom Pain
 - Nazor Nail
 - Empress Emblaze


-is a member of the Head Officers and is also the largest amoung the three that serves under Bagramon.
Blastmon t

Bagra Army's Blastmon

Personality He cares more for his body than he does for the mission.


 - Diamond Machine Gun
 - Diamond Hedgehog
 - Prism Flash
 - Crystal Breath
 - Diamond Tail
 - Final Subagon Punch
 - Junjou Emerald Chop
 - Kenran Crystal Volcano

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