Thrill of the Hunt is the thirteenth episode of Gallantmon Strikes.


After not being able to Vent Andromon & Depthmon, Mako has self-doubts. In a reflection, he sees himself & is told to "Do your job, Digimon Holder!"

Kurt returns to his apartment. He explains to Morgan that Charlie thinks they're the bad guys, & that Murmuxmon told him they are evil aliens. They hear a portal, so he heads back out, & Morgan follows after him.

Charlie reports to Agent Simons (Murmuxmon) about meeting Kurt & Mako. Simons says that Beelzemon will take him out when he gets the chance. Charlie is confused, because that's not what happened, Beelzemon had the chance to Vent him but didn't.

Morgan watches Gallantmon destroy a monster. Daniel shows up & tries asking Kurt for help. Daniel explains that Murmuxmon is after him now too, & he wants to team up with him & Mako to take Murmuxmon down. But Kurt doesn't trust him, so Daniel transforms to take him out. Charlie shows up & sees them fighting. Morgan asks Charlie if he still thinks Kurt is an alien. Charlie says he doesn't, so Morgan tells him to get in their & help him, but Charlie isn't sure. Gallantmon manages to get in a good Strike & chase away MegaGargomon.

Ben finds Mako again & is determined to finish him.

Flashback: Daniel, a con-man, is selling cheap, broken, cell phones. A cop shows up at the door, so Daniel runs out the back. Murmuxmon (human form) pulls up & offers Daniel a sales position & says that if he can convince a group of men to wage an all-out war, he will give him the world. Murmuxmon walks through a car. Daniel accepts the offer & takes the Digi-Deck.

Kurt finds Charlie talking with Morgan. Charlie says that everything's alright. Kurt & Charlie go after a minion, & Morgan says, "Go get 'em, Holders." Gallantmon uses Strike Vent, & Depthmon uses Copy Vent. The two work together & destroy the minion. Depthmon explains that he's beginning to see that actions speak louder than words, & they head off to find Mako.

Beelzemon & Andromon battle. Daniel is encountered by John...

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