Tia Satami
(Satami Tia)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Taeko Kawata
(En:) Novie Edwards
Digivice(s):Pink and white D-Loader
White and Pink D-Loader
Age 14
Grade 12
Gender Female
Known relatives Julian Satami (Father)
Jane Satami (Mother)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation High School Student
General of Spectacular Heroes

Tia Satami is one of the main protagonists. She is of African-American descent.


Tia's design is inspired by Lola Mbloa, and was initially conceived to appear as a 14-year-old girl with two ball-shaped ponytails on top of her head, light blue sweatshirt with a white skirt, blue necklace, pink jewelry, and white cowboy boots.


Tia is a little more thoughtful than the other rich people and she's beautiful. Tia is always on the lookout to discover something new, and she gets her chance when she convinces a reluctant Reo to fall in love with her.

On hand

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