Type Dragon Man Digimon
Aquatic Beast Man
Next forms Tidalmon Darkness Mode
(w/o Splashers, Mekanorimon, MetalTyrannomon, Mammothmon, Tankmon, Depthmon and CyberWhamon)

Tidalmon is an Aquatic Beast Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from the "tidal wave". It is the general of the Water-serpent Army of the "Great Death-Stars". By changing itself into a liquid and moving from liquid to liquid, it is able to take the shape of a human or Digimon at will. For this reason, spying is its specialty, and it puts all the information it acquired together, then relays it to its Machine and Cyborg Digimon to implement its strategies. No matter the tactics, it always puts being beautiful as its top priority, and its personality is such that it will reject tactics that sully its own beauty. Although it leads an army, its faith is only in its own beauty, so it doesn't have even an iota of anything like mutual trust, even for the Digimon in its army. Furthermore, it possesses techniques that can cause abnormal conditions.


  • Poisonous Force: Fires an army of Splashers that paralyze the enemy force's chain of command and cause the battlefield to fall into chaos.
  • Hydro Crusher: Shoots a high-pressure and speed jet of water from its fingertips.
  • Eve-Drown: Instantly gathers trace elements and converts them to liquid around the opponent's head.

Tidalmon Darkness Mode

Tidalmon Darkness Mode
Prior forms Tidalmon + Drippins + Mekanorimon + MetalTyrannomon + Mammothmon + Tankmon + Depthmon + CyberWhamon
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Tidalmon Darkness Mode is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from the "tidal wave". When Tidalmon gets wounded and is driven into a corner, it unzips the chucks all over its body and reveals its true form lying within. Those who saw this form, let alone the one who wounded it, are driven to death with its "Cobra Typhoon". However, because its true form is, against its will, simply hideous, and slithery, it absolutely hates exposing this form.


  • Cobra Typhoon: Squeezes and drowns all of its opponents by generating a massive flood that consumes everything without leaving any refuge. It converts all of its body into a whirling typhoon of water.
  • Viper Splash: Transforms into a large tsunami which rain incessant swarm of snake-like projectiles made of water.


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Drippins are water spirits created by Tidalmon. They can produce a variety of effects in the bodies they inhabit, from causing narcissism and short-temper, to animating a puppet body.

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