Level Ultimate
Type Beast Man Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirit
Prior forms Kuinumon/ Waninumon
Next forms Pêlodramon/ Escamon
Partners Yuki Tamashi

Tikaamon is a fictional character created by Snowspirit, he is the ultimate form of Kuinumon Normally Kuinumon warp digivolves past Waninumon to reach this form.


Is much more humanoid. He is human from around the waist up and below is completely covered is light brown fur, ending in feet with large claws. The red strap has returned (As well as the basket only now a sheath) which holds his sword La Sombra. His arms are bare apart from 'fur gloves' which end in sharp claws. His jaw and nose is human, but above is covered by a 'wolf cap' which has teeth along the sides (like Gabumon) And his red eyes shine through the eyes holes. He has two wolf ears and on each side of his head he has horns like that of a ram. Also leading down from his head is a cape/pelt

Abilities and powers

He is skilled in swordplay, even with different types of swords than La Sombra. He also (like many other Digimon) has more strength than he looks, as evident that he can carry La Sombra in one hand when it is much taller and heavier than himself.


  • ‘‘‘Double Dash”’ Creates a dark clone of himself and both dash past the foe, slicing it in half.
  • “La Sombra”’
  • “’Pun Pun Ki”’ Rapidly punches and back flips...kick to harm the enemy.