Tiran Longford
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Family: Mother Alex longford, Father Jerry Longford
Partner(s): Gaurdromon
Nationality: Japanese

Tiran is a very friendly person when you get to know him, he is usually always quite but at times can be very loud. He does not like to hang around with the guys as he prefers to be alone. He and Guardromon were the first people to have a champion in the Digimon Academy so Guardromon had to degenerate to Kapurimon to stick to the rules.

Tiran life back in Japan was al right, his father had a well paid job and his mother looked after her house but Tiran always longed fro something more so when he got excepted into the Digimon Academy he didn't hesitate to say yes. When he came out of the closet his father just said he was confused and he will soon get over it but he never and so when he was 10 he ran away for a week to his grandparents but they just took him back home.

Appearance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Blue eyes, mid length brown hair. He is a medium build and average hight for his age. He wares a white shirt under a black trench coat, black skinny jeans and white high top trainers.

Personailty ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kind, sensative, very caring, funny, can be quite and scares easily.

Digimon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Guardromon - He is Tiran's best friend and is very loyal, he will not let anyone or anything lay a finger on him.


Other Forms ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kapurimon - He is pretty much Tiran, he is funny, kind, sensitive, very caring but is quite and scares easily. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

MetalKoromon - He is Gaurdromon's fresh form and doesn't even talk as he cant. He is really energetic and loves to chase mice. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Andromon - He is the ultimate stage of Guardromon and is very loyal to Tiran. He will protect Tiran with his life and will kill anything that is to harm Tiran.


HiAndromon - He is at the final stage of evolution and is the toughest Digimon Tiran has ever seen. He helps Tiran do anything and is always there as a helping hand. He will never let anything or anyone Hurt Tiran as he will kill them.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Digivice



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