(??? Frogusmon)
Level Champion
Type Amphibian
Attribute Data
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms Tongmon
Next forms Tonstegamon

Tongusmon is an Amphibian Digimon based on a Frog mixed with a tail. Tongusmon is a very mysterious Digimon in some cases, as it is rarely seen in the wild. Whenever it is seen it is often seen in groups as they stare up into the sky during the night. Often times it is believed they can predict the future, and whenever they happen to stare at the moon on rare occasions, the next day will be a Solar Eclipse which is capable of summoning the great Cobaldramon.

Digimon Bronze and Cobalt Versions

Tongusmon is the Champion stage of Minmon and specializes in the Wind element and is a Spirit Digimon. It digivolves from Tongmon at Level 20 with 100+ Spirit, and digivolves to Tonstegamon at Level 36 with 1000+ Dragon Exp.