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Toramon is the first of a brand new species of Vaccine-type Digimon and one of the main characters of Digimon Raisers. He is the partner of Ryuku Fukui. His name is derived from the Japanese word for tiger (虎, Tora), and his appearance(s) are derived from the various kinds of tiger as well (specifically the Bengal tiger).


Toramon is a bipedal Digimon who bears a striking resemblance to an actual tiger cub in terms of size and color, with his body generally colored a shade of orange, though he bears blocky, square-shaped white lines running all over his body, with his stomach, hands, and part of his arms, legs, and feet also white, though he has gray-colored claws/fingers/toes (similar to Shoutmon). He also has a multitude of black-colored stripes as well, and his small tail has a pure black tip. He has bright emerald green eyes, and small ears that seem to twitch on occasion. In addition, while he is not always pictured with whiskers, he has been shown with them on multiple occasions.

Despite usually wearing no clothing, while in the Digital World, he dons a white scarf with a multitude of black spots all over it.


Other Forms









  • Toramon's appearance and indeed, concept, is also somewhat based off the author's own stuffed tiger, whom he has owned for a very long time.

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