Type toy Dragon
Next forms toydramon X2
* (w/ metalbugsmon)toydramon X3
* (w/ metalbugsmon, legsmon)deckertoydramon
* (w/ metalbugsmon, legsmon, toycrocdramon, deckertoydramon assult
* (w/ metalbugsmon, legsmon, toycrocdramon, mailBiyomon,

toydramon is a Digimon whose name comes from the world toy and dramon "[ It is the rival Digimon of shoutmon when a little kid tried to make a copy of shoutmon it is aggressiveness due to its lack of hight and speed but very powerful and enthusiasm. However, it is friendly towards its comrades, and its friendship with other Digimon.


  • toy blast

--> (lit. "toy Soul"

-->?): Forms a ball of plastic like energy in the shape of an spear and throws it at the opponent.