(??? Trenchmon)
Title Lava Fish
Level Ultimate
Type Lava Fish
Attribute Virus
Family Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Prior forms Burnerramon
Next forms Herrindramon

Trenchamon is a lava fish Digimon whose body has become more adapted to living deep within volcanic regions compared to that of Burnerramon. It's body is much more fish-like in comparison, and the legs have diminished to mere fins now, with the arms having become more fin-like as well. It retains it's signature gold horn, which now function like a javalin instead of something to breath through, as it has gills now. It can no longer move on land at all, so those who wish to encounter one in the wild have to go all the way deep within the magma zone of the Volcanic regions of the Digital World.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

It digivolves from Burnerramon at Level 37 with 1,000 Dragon Exp and into Herrindramon at Level 60 with 5,000 Dragon Exp. Suddenly it's speed growth rate has increased compared to the slow moving Burnerramon, and while it gains more speed as Herrindramon, and also surprising a huge amount of attack power, it acts sort of lazy even with high friendship and will disobey commands every now and then, making it's line a counterpart to the Pokemon Slaking's line in terms of gameplay. If you take advantage of Herrindramon's power and ignore the disadvantages, however, you can easily use it against the final boss Brondramon/Cobaldramon with relative ease even if it still does normal Mega Level damage to them. Just beware if your version is Cobalt Version, however, as Cobaldramon could probably heal faster than a Herrindramon can obey commands.