(トリニティモン Trinitymon)

Trinitimon Cloaked


Title The Omnipotent One
Level Super Ultimate+
Type Triple
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms BetaBigdramon X + Gorgopsimon X + Stethadreamon X

Trinitimon is a Legendary Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody, yet nothing is really known as to what it is yet. It is said to only exist by mere rumors for now, so nothing much is known about it so far. It is a fusion of the X-Antibody versions of BetaBigdramon, Gorgopsimon, and Stethadreamon. Due to being the fusion of three Mega Level Digimon, it is a Super Ultimate+ Level Digimon. It's true appearance is not known so far, but it's Burst Mode is it's true form. It's Burst Mode is merely Trinitimon not cloaked by Gorgopsimon's large ears and back fins, which form a cloak around it's body due to how large those parts of Gorgopsimon are. It's surprising the ears can hide BetaBigdramon's jaw, and yet Stethadreamon's tail is still visible. It is the leader of the Eight Grand Super Ultimates, the other seven being Brondramon, Cobaldramon, Argendramon, Giganodramon, Jadedramon, Fracktamon, and Goddreamon. Even though it is a fusion of the X-Antibody versions of the final stage starters, the appearance of Trinitimon is based more on the normal versions of them instead with some exceptions. It's large arms, inherited from BetaBigdramon, are based on neither the normal or X-Antibody versions of BetaBigdramon.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

While it is programmed into B/C, it cannot be obtained in this game as it's Digivolution requirement involves an item exclusive to Jade Version. Trinitimon can be transferred to B/C with no issues at all. It's digivolving requirement is not necessarily an item really, but actually requires the previous stages to be their X-Antibody counterparts.

Digimon World: Jade Version

It is the final Digimon in numerical order in both B/C and Jade Version. Alongside X-Antibody versions of Digimon designed for B/C being exclusive to Jade Version, Trinitimon is exclusive to Jade version as well inorder to help promote the game during it's limited availability. Should Jade Version never get made, Trinitimon and the item needed to digivolve into it would be released for B/C as DLC to ensure it's able to be obtained at all, although Jade Version would actually be developed and released about the same time as B/C will be, as all of what will appear in Jade would be programmed into B/C. The Digimon it digivolves from is a surprise for now, but they have already been revealed on this Wiki before.