The Trinity brothers are a trio of Digimon born of Titamon, groomed to ascend to the level of "Digital God" and aid him in destroying the Digital World. Contrary to his wishes, the three abandoned their father and went their separate ways in hopes of bonding with human partners. It is said that should these three join forces for good, they would be able to destroy their father. However, if united in evil, their combined power could destroy the entire Digital World.

Rookie Champion Ultimate Form Change
Digital God
Form Change
Falcomon b Aegiomon b Aegiochusmon b Aegiochusmon Blue bAegiochusmon Green b
Aegiochusmon Dark bAegiochusmon Holy b
Jupitermon b Jupitermon Wrath Mode b
Falcomon Aegiomon Aegiochusmon Aegiochusmon Alternate Modes Jupitermon Jupitermon
Wrath Mode
Labramon b Dobermon b Cerberumon b Cerberumon Werewolf Mode b Plutomon b Anubismon b
Labramon Dobermon Cerberumon Cerberumon
Jinrou Mode
Plutomon Anubismon
Swimmon b Tylomon b Whamon b x65px Neptunemon b 6-05 Analyzer-06 JP
Swimmon Tylomon Whamon (Ultimate) Whamon
Carrier Mode
Neptunemon KingWhamon

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