Trisutomon is a dragon he can look like other digimon and his partner Chris is a digidestend just like Davis Cody and the other digidestend he likes copying some digimon Chris has the digi egg of dragons and the crest of dragons Chris and his brother Justin are like Tai and Matt Justin and Chris can do a DNA digivolve to tri dragomon it's kind of like umimon but a little bit more power but not enough to beat it they've always tied in battles but it's also at the same time it's like with stingtrisutomon and exdragomon to make palidantridragomon but this guy is like the most a part of some of the most powerful fusion digimonhe has alot of cool form that some of the digidestind but the main digidestined he can't beat them Chris in the real world is just a normal kid he's not that good editing things Chris mostly studys on tests which is why he can use the digi egg of knowledge some people need Chris for a DNA digivolve he can also use the digi egg of releablity he has alot of things on his mind some time

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