trotmon is a rookie level, fusion digimon (see: fusion digimon) she is a beast man\ minor demon digimon. she is the offspring of renamon and impmon and is mainly a combination of traits from both, with a small amount of her own traits. the traits from her parents are listed below: renamon:intellect level, female gender, basic body form, yellow fur color, tail, arm guards, "power paw" attack impmon:gloves, foot claw type, mischief and humor- loving personality, green eye color, "bada boom" ability (small difference, trotmon's fireballs are blue and about the size of baseballs) underneath fur, skin is deep purple color, in a more feminine attempt to be like her father, trotmon wears a very long scarf around her neck with the longer part going behind her like a cape, it is also the same color as impmon's bandanna, she possesses the same accent as her father, but the same voice as her mother, also her ears have a bend in them, making them look like impmon's ears put facing the back of the head with renamon's ear fur pattern making her resemble her older sister, kitonimon, except that her ears are sticking straight out, while kitonimon's ears are more slicked back, mainly going down the back of her head. own traits: unlike her mother (and against her mother's better judgment) trotmon actually displays romantic feelings and much less of a desire to fight, and is more attracted to male digimon, she is slightly perkier than both her parents, and though she loves mischief, she is also very cheerful, she wears purple leggings resembling her arm guards, also, whenever she gets into a battle, she becomes much more feral in personality, she has a tuft of hair over her left eye

note: trotmon is a fan-made digimon, not showed in an anime or comic, though she is seen in several renamon and impmon-dating videos on youtube as a baby being held in renamon's arms, she is though in a variety of stories on

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