(TUROZAブイモン TroxaV-mon)
Level Rookie
Type Unkwnow
Attribute Virus
Family Nature Spirits
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms DemiVeemon
Next forms Bazucamon,ExTroxaVeemon
Partners Panaca

TroxaVeemon is a variation from Veemon, and he is an Idiot Comedy Digimon of Troxamon.

Troxamon Adventures

He is the main character

Troxamon Adventures - The GAME

TroxaVeemon digivolve into Bazucamon at Level 20, with 600 Machine EXP and with the Rock or into XTroxaVeemon at Level 22.


  • Cabeça Troxa (Porra): Hit.
  • Troxa : He says TroxaVeemon.

Variations/Subespecies Veemon, ExVeemon

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